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  1. Yes, that was just a guess , nothing factual .
  2. The after math led to the USA invading Iraq and the removal of Saddam after falsely accusing him of having WMD's . Maybe that was the intention all along ?
  3. As I recall , Iraq and Kuwait had some disputed territory and Saddam discussed it with the USA , Saddam claimed that parts on Kuwait belonged to Iraq . The USA gave him the green light for Iraq to get their territory back and for some reason he took the whole of Kuwait . Whether he did that with the USAs agreement or not , isn't publicly known
  4. She is quite small herself . 1.5 meters , so I would have thought that her baby would have seemed huge
  5. Could be that its also the first time that She saw a new born baby in real life
  6. Isn't that about average for a new born ?
  7. The USA gave Iraq the go ahead to invade Kuwait
  8. In the U.K. ? Three months ago the daily death rate in the UK was in single figures , sometimes going into double figures , in October the daily death rate had often gone into three figures . 5 th July : Nine deaths . 5 th October : 166 deaths
  9. Staying home, doing some much needed decorating , avoiding the cold winter spell and with 45 000 new daily Covid cases , I wont be in a hurry to go outside , apart from for necessities
  10. No, I will get the proper vaccines done back in the U.K,, otherwise I will need to get double here and again in the U.K. and I dont really want to be a Guinea pig to find out what will happen when I have a sinovac, a Sputnik vac and a Oxford Vac . I was going to to back to the U.K last week, but I waited because I wanted to watch a game of football here
  11. Yes, try reading the whole page , rather than just a few sentences. The rules Faz posted are for those people who are entering as fully vaccinated . The are other rules for those entering not fully vaccinated . Also read the first page in the Passport . The message from the Queen
  12. And the woman are hardly likely to admit that they went there for prostitution . They will want to portray themselves as victims, rather than criminals
  13. Well , I think that they are similar . Its not the same as a strong smelling gas , like if you sniff it straight from the cannister . Its like a faint smell of gas . Happened to me before , I smelt a faint smell of gas in my condo, reported that there may be a gas leak coming from somewhere and the owner found someone eating a durian in their room
  14. They are quite similar . Smell for yourself . First smell the gas from the cannister , wait a few minutes, then smell the durian and you will notice the similarities
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