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  1. An extremely good point Does anyone know Thais that are in really bad shape because of covid? Like don't have food to eat or lost their houses? I personally don't, over a wide range of Thai demographics That is in no way saying people aren't hurting...........there are many that are. But in Thai resilience and being able to relay on family, coupled with the fact they can make a little go a long way...............I haven't seen too many totally desperate situations Other people may have...........I am just saying personally I haven't seen it
  2. This is the most detailed account from the person who got shot but did not die https://nypost.com/2021/10/25/alec-baldwin-was-practicing-pointing-revolver-at-camera-during-fatal-prop-gun-mishap/
  3. It's funny how the right wingnuts are butthurt Alec Baldwin made fun of their cult leader......
  4. From what I read, they said the crew was using the guns for target practice and that is why the live rounds were in it
  5. I have a sort of comparison to this, in a weird way Living in Canada Canadians are such walkovers and won't ever complain that there are so many instances where the city/businesses take advantage Experience the city. The city government makes so many decisions without ever thinking of the impact to residents but they don't care No one will complain........ Prices are so high here(social policies are the main reason) But they add on so much more here because no one will complain
  6. Yeah you make good points We just had two horrendous dealings with doctors in Thailand My wife's dentist was scamming her on braces I was so pissed they would jeopardize her teeth health And she basically "shrugged "
  7. I just think the Braves have some magic going for them....
  8. "Poor me" was a bad description But there was a morose for so long Again, 2 very different type of tragedies So maybe I shouldn't compare.....
  9. I was more complimenting Thais I love how they just get on with things .... This may be controversial: But I lived in NYC for 9/11 And was living in Phuket for the Tsunami Now they are two different disasters/crises But if you compared the two, there was such a "poor me" attitude in NYC Whereas in Phuket, they were just getting back to rebuilding the next day Again, two entirely different situations But I was mighty impressed with how the Thais dealt with it
  10. I like the Braves to win it all
  11. Why do you feel the need to be respected by anyone? I will never get this. Expats saying "I contribute this much " And that "they should be respected " No one is living there by charity They are all living there because they want to They shouldn't be demanding any recognition But so many expats in Thailand think thru deserve it for some reason
  12. Vietnamese drivers, well at least on the MB's, are much more accommodating drivers I rented a MB in Hanoi and man, being in with a 1000 other MB's was a "how the hell did I end up here" moment But it is way easier to ride a MB there than it looks Vietnamese will allow you in, they keep a reasonable speed Much more courteous drivers than Thais, IMO
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