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  1. They don't want big numbers to arrive. Have you seen the daily infection rates? They want to allow travelers but still want to look like they are taking action at preventing spread... Whether it is effient policy or not I am not gonna go into.
  2. You do know it was the trump white house that started this whole withdrawal process, I assume in spite for losing the election. Not saying, the end couldn't have been handled better, but the cards where already dealt.
  3. I also don't think you can do ASLQ in Phuket, because of the no vaccine, but if you want to be sure you can ask your local embassy and maybe also the ALQ hotel in Phuket that you are considering. I think they stopped the Phuket ALQ when the sandbox started, but they still have the hotels for tourist with close contacts.... So I don't really know.
  4. You are the one who spread BS narratives. Why do you even want to be part of society if you don't trust it! Go live in a forrest, and please cut your internet connection as well, you will be happier then.
  5. You need to work on your maths, mate. As per your calculation we would get 26000 false positive, more than 26000 negative tests... That is a lot of results from just 13000 positive tests!
  6. This is widespread and untrue! I don't know if I can convince otherwise by stating a lot other information, so I will just ask you a question instead. How do you think they test for variants?
  7. I might have misquoted you, but my take away is that mushrooms are good for everything... Bring on the shrooms ???
  8. To be fair all countries have lower reported figures than actual infections, but of course the are difference between reported figures from country to country. Whether, Thailand is withholding numbers, I am not gonna speculate, but I don't see the point. I was wondering, what is the x axis on the graph? Percentage of population? I don't see the problem you seem to be describing. Having people fully vaccinated arrive in any country with travel insurance should pose a problem. I guess you could argue that the health system is overrun and can't handle anybody else, but then again Phuket is daily well vaccinated and don't have these runaway infections like the rest of the country. It is not like Phuket is overrun with tourists at the moment. This in my mind goes beyond thailand, I don't really understand all these travel restrictions, if you are vaccinated and have insurance why would anything else be needed. Unless the country in question don't have community spread or don't have any special variants, I don't see the difference. Eg why do UK need to isolate when they go to some EU countries? It is not like the Delta variant isn't already spreading there. Sorry for rambling
  9. Why should China be blamed? I am curious, they didn't force other world leaders to screw up their handling! Of course, it originated in China, and they were less than forthright in the beginning, but by the time it spread to other countries it was well reported, yet most of the world just shrugged and hoped for the best. I mean even now the handling is pretty awful.
  10. Yes, planning is very easy. Sorry I meant hoping is very easy...
  11. Difference is that UK has vaccinated most of their elderly, so people are not getting hospitalized as much any more. (and UK is testing a lot more) So let's hope the Thailand can keep the numbers down, though it looks to go the wrong way.
  12. Yeah you are right but don't be frightened it will all be all right. Besides AZ finished their phase 3 trial a year and a half ago. So no this is no it is not in a medical trial, however like with all new medications the health authorities are still looking into side-effects. And why I are you frenzing over the companies won't promise you, that you will not catch Covid? I mean that information was there after their phase 3 trial, that they prevented about 67% from getting covid. What do you think happened to the rest? Don't be scared my friend. If you don't want the vaccine now, then just wait until you feel more comfortable or don't take it all, but don't live your life in fear.
  13. 100 volunteers? Surely this is jus a phase 1 study. Based on the headline, they need to hurry for this to hold (1 year from now).
  14. If it it can grow in Scandinavia, it is not too cold in Thailand! Good luck
  15. That is what they are doing, the field hospitals that are set up, is only for isolation areas.
  16. People keep saying this in all countries. The vaccinations will accelerate, as availibilty increases, they are not being slow right now on purpose. I tend to be optimistic, so include my 6 months in that bracket
  17. This is depressing reading. When do I think it will end. Well, if I was in charge (I am not, so it is a free shot) I would let everything go back to normal once people older than 50 or so had been vaccinated. And let that be that, like some people say, covid will never go away, we need to live with it. I feel the policy should be to prevent deaths but not to have a zero tolerance policy on covid. The time for opening would depend on the vaccine rollout in each country. Obviously, in Thailand we are not there yet, maybe 6 months from now, but I think Europe is getting there now.
  18. How can that be true? I mean only abt 10% have had the first jab! Do you think that there are millions of vaccines in storage that nobody wants? I will concede my experience is the same up in the northeast that Thais seem very afraid of the vaccines, because "they read on facebook that someone died after getting vaccine" but they should be reading the covid numbers instead.
  19. I am not entirely sure about this Stonker. When I was in Thailand in May (ASQ) they did want to know my where abouts after quarantine. This was part of the immigration check in the airport. But I don't know if sandbox will differ in this regard.
  20. This is a common mistake I used to share. But you don't get quarantined in a hospital, but at a "field hospital" this is just like an army barrack with prison guards, and is not meant for treatment just isolation from general public, until you get ill then you get to hospital (if they have room)
  21. So true... ... If all you care about is yourself. Getting covid might not be a problem for you if you are middle aged or younger and in general good health, but assuming you have elderly family and friends etc. It would be wise to try and limit the spread. Besides who is panicking? I don't see many here, and those who worry seems to be because the know they are in danger (due to their own health condition) of a critical disease case.
  22. Vaccines are not 100% so it's is no mystery, just statistics. I had hoped it would take longer time. But now I am interested to hear what will happen to people on his flight and tour group.
  23. Good match ? Seems like both sides was giving away changes, leaving the game open for most ordinary time.
  24. No need to worry about the match tonight friends, just keep thinking about the final ?
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