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  1. It would good, if the Thaiger, emailed the comments section of this forum, to the PM directly. He would see for himself, that comment after comment, is totally unimpressed by his governments handling of tourism and plans for reopening. The Thaiger should request a no holes barred interview with him everyday until it draws a satisfactory result, the result of any such request should be printed, so that his intransigence is put on display. If successful, he could then be put on a hook, and an attempt to hold his feet to the fire be made. Never mind this saving face crap. They should also petition He who must not be spoken of. These people want showing up for the incompetent, privileged leaches that they are. Oh, I've just woken up and found me head my cornflakes, nice dream. 555
  2. I wounder if it was the PM? I mean to say, he's Donald Ducked everything else! 555
  3. I fully agree with you Bob. I would go further, it is increasingly obvious to me that they don't want to spend money getting the vaccine into their own peoples arms, they make all the noise but little action, waiting for the world to give it to them. They don't care about their own people. To hide this, they flip flop with their rules, tweak them here and there, rename the failed COE to Travel Pass etc. Truth be told, they don't care about their own, and they don't care about us, and their actions show me that they don't want tourists!
  4. This, in my view, will not make any positive impact. If it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, sounds like a Duck, then I guess it's a Duck! They obviously think people can't see this. The COE with its requirements didn't work, neither will this. What will: One negative PCR test 72 hours before departure. Fully vaccinated tourists only. One inexpensive negative lateral flow test on arrival (if you really must). Visa on arrival. That's it, nothing else!
  5. That's nice my friend. It just saddens me that after coming to Thailand three times a year for the last 36 years, including a spell living in the country, I should feel that it's no longer the place top of my list.
  6. Bali, Langkwai, Phu Quoc, Taiwan, Sri Lanka to name a few. Even if they don't have all the right procedures in place right now, what they have not done, is give a whole load of false, misleading information out. Confidence is going to crucial from the traveler's point of view, and the Thai government don't inspire any Confidence. Most definitely not from me.
  7. If the "new" Thailand Pass looks, sounds, smells, anything remotely like the COE and draconian restrictions, then it's just another P..S take, and will fail! Far too many places to go in South East Asia, which are getting rid of the hassle. Tourists want a holiday, not retrain to become admin/secretarial types!
  8. Unless the draconian restrictions are dispensed with, then published as such, in the Royal Gazette, its Mickey Mouse wishful thinking. Even if they do this, they will not see the numbers that they would like, because there will not be the uplift from airlines. It takes about 3 months to plan, coordinate and put in place air traffic procedures for the various routes. Then the airlines, will need to bring aircraft back to an airworthy state and make sure that their aircrew are current. This all takes time and money. Airlines will not invest on a whim or a wish of anyone, including a Thai government official. They will invest on cast iron guaranteed commitments. So, until meaningful firm proposals are gazetted, no big change.
  9. Well, on the back of this announcement, the Baht took a nose dive. The money men must be frightened that there will be a uncontrolled mass of people wanting the Baht. DREAM ON BOYS! when the Baht crashes (and it will I believe), I might buy the odd 50,000/100,000 Baht! Right now, KEEP IT!
  10. Total waste of time, until you actually let tourist arrive in significant numbers! That's not happening until they drop the restrictions, and actually welcome tourists.
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