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  1. I got my first AZ shot a few weeks ago; scheduled for the second in October. I wonder if that'll be postponed now.
  2. I could not find anything published under this name or title. The first four hits that came up were YouTube links, which is not reassuring. Perhaps you could provide a link to the peer-reviewed journal that has published this research. Meanwhile, there is this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7246103/ "There is no strong scientific evidence to show that very high intakes (ie, mega supplements) of vitamin D will be beneficial in preventing or treating COVID-19. (5) There are evidenced health risks with excessive vitamin D intakes especially for those with other health issues such as a reduced kidney function."
  3. Isn't this already understood when people are told to isolate themselves when they think they might be infectious? Do we need a long list of specific activities we shouldn't do? No kissing? No whispering in someone's ear?
  4. How have you decided he's guilty? There is almost nothing to go on in the story.
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