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  1. Why, you have a second posting name YES I should have said our other car and then I wouldn’t have received a ‘hole comment.
  2. I give you that slip up BUT I haven’t met any foreigner in the fifteen years that I have lived here who drives but doesn’t have a Thai license. Have met Thais who don’t. A friends wife, who lives in Phang Na, drives daily and has never had a license. Where we lived in the UK there were Thai wives who thought it OK to drive more than one year on their Thai license.
  3. Drilling a small pilot hole first is often a good idea. More likely to end up with the hole in the desired position as well as what you found out.
  4. Where did you sample to come to that conclusion…some little village in Nakkorn Nowhere
  5. You obviously have little experience of cars in general, or skill…our SUV has the turn indicator on the right … our Merc has the gear selector there with the turn indicator on the left……
  6. Bangtalad, Pakkret, Nonthaburi. A village off of Prachachuen Road ... Klong Prapa. Only a few kms from Bangkok Immigration ....village entry at 13.890430 100.552942 I'm not sure if she has changed her phone number so if anyone is interested PM me theirs or I will check with her and pass the phone number back. I think it is all going cheap as she has to clear the house , before she leaves ... rented house and can only take the normal Kgs allowance on the aeroplane. Bit of a mess at present as can be seen. It would be nice if she manages to sell some of the stuff. Sorry that some pics are 90Deg out
  7. He husband died a few weeks ago and she has decided to leave . So quite a few things to despose of eg:- Index glass table and three chairs. Free standing tall unit with place for TV in middle Metal Bunk Bed ... type that only has the top bunk with ladder Fridge and washing machien and other kitchen bits. Large table but not in tip top condition ... same as large settee with table Ladies cloths and shoes ... hers and 20+ year old daughters Loads or orniments etc Best to PM me for contact details if interested. Sorry not sure what is left to sell, probably most.
  8. Nah … little nurses uniform every time. Hope Anutin doesn’t get on the band wagon.
  9. Mercedes… James you are way off the mark. I don’t think the styling of the new E Class is all that great although the roof on the AMG version makes it look better. As for reliability Not Good… Problems with… air suspension and associated compressor… air conditioning system…screens… and tyre noise and a few other niggles. Electric range is nowhere near advertised. Other than that it is OK. In two years Mrs PF has had changed one air suspension unit and one a/c air compressor. So so far- lucky. MBEQ-TH was formed some four years ago by two owners to share problems and solutions with Merc PHEV’s. Now has more than 300 members. Mercs used to be really good cars… now not so much. For some reason Thai’s aspire to them. Taxi in many countries. Honda, especially Civic are good except far too much NVH. They seem reliable. Ford.. their Everest is a nice ride, well for ‘body on frame’ but customer care in our experience is lacking.
  10. I suppose Silver is dead as well. Don’t remember seeing that on FB though. Hi-Yo
  11. I have been wanting to order glasses from them again for some time. They stopped posting to Thailand some while ago. Today I find out that they will now post here. Just posting this in case anyone is interested and doesn’t know.
  12. It seems that you might be on your own, so why not try Phang nga for a little while. Rent a car and maybe a little brown friend for company. Go and make Eden Beach (SHA+) your base, on my phone it’s showing 1271thb with breakfast (booking.com or phone direct), and that is a great offer, there are also plenty of places around to eat. You could play Karinara Golf Course, it is very nice and/or stay at Katathong Golf Resort.
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