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  1. The U.N. There are some clever people over there no doubt. And, that's right, I am in fact in a unique position to KNOW what is going on... no need for the global TV news they're not really interested in the truth. You seem like an intelligent fellow, you should understand this by now.
  2. You can cite whatever numbers you want, the obfuscators certainly do, I go with what I actually see on the ground. I happen to be in that unique position to see the truth globally. If I haven't already told you what I do and have been doing for the last 20 months... allow me to suffice by saying, I know what is actually going on with Covid19. I don't need a TV, or a statistical word salad to be informed. Have a great day.
  3. Unless you purchase land near a toxic waste dump and you are a citizen, then real estate will always be a good long term investment (applicable in any stable country). Foreigners who hold a non-immigrant status of any type in Thailand must be willing to apply the old adage, don't purchase anything in Thailand you are not willing or able to walk away from.
  4. I actually don't believe that they do... I don't believe most of the "science" from the drug makers... and if you don't think that conflict of interest doesn't apply, well then you are simply not being honest with yourself. Go take a look at the billions of dollars paid out in lawsuits whereby those drug companies have been found to flat out lied about their products... I have no reason to believe they are not lying about the covid19 vaccines.
  5. There's never been a corresponding rise between asymptomatic "cases" and sick people in hospitals. It's always been grossly disproportionate. The vaccines are not a panacea is the point.
  6. So do the vaccinated... so what is the point? The point is, their is no solution that does not include them never going back to school. Are the children never going back to school?
  7. Why were schools shut down? Children don't need to be vaccinated against Covid19. And please don't ask me to prove that point. That is well established.
  8. Even more confusing... everyone, including tourists are going to have to carry around a color coded map to try and determine where they can go to enjoy themselves? Bangkok still won't be open... that may be good for Island tourism? Will they be in the blue zones? Of course after you have figured out all of your COE and surveilance digital passes and your covid insurance and if you pass those covid tests and what are the opening hours again?... let's face it, only the hardcore Thailand tourists are going to come?
  9. Surprise!!! More Testing... More "Cases" Less Testing Less "Cases" Let's keep this simple shall we... If you REALLY wanted to know the impact of a disease you would count the number confirmed "cases" that are treated and/or die in the hospitals. In particular, how many are seriously ill in the intensive care units and how many are confirmed (by forensic autopsy) to have died of the illness called SARS COV2. Counting asymptomatic "Cases" (also known as normal not sick people) is at minimum a disingenuous attempt at an epidemiological analysis and at worst, it is a blatant obfuscation. Counting asymptomatic "cases" (people who are NOT sick) is a complete travesty.
  10. You need to arrive at the departure for your flight no more than 72 hours after you receive your test document showing a date and timed test result. A result, not when the test was conducted. You have 72 hours to get on the plane after the test result.
  11. I've been wanting to make this trip. Is taking the train a good idea?
  12. A saying comes to mind... "don't keep all your eggs in one basket." Or maybe there is more stashed in other locations? Nu Chen got off with the rest of it...
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