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  1. US Courts have already convicted and sentenced a number of Jan 6 Capitol rioters and insurrectionists, many more to go as Congress, FBI and other security agencies complete their investigation. Only in Trump world are they viewed as "entirely justified and light hearted spontaneous protest". The person shot occurred after she ignored security orders not to enter a protected area, House of Representatives. The Officer who fired the shot was found to be acting appropriately, in accordance with security policy. Jan 6 attackers were attempting to reverse lawful election results at the behest of Trump, even going so far to threaten to hang Pence for not implementing orange Trump's unconstitutional direct orders. If domestic politics doesn't interfere, Trump and his enablers will also be facing the Courts for their efforts to overthrow a lawful election process. There is no comparison whatsoever to the level of threat to the Constitution, thereby the US government in comparison to street violence by leftists and right wing elements in the preceding months. In 2019, for example, right-wing extremists perpetrated nearly two-thirds of the terrorist attacks and plots in the United States, and they committed over 90 percent of the attacks and plots between January 1 and May 8, 2020. https://www.csis.org/analysis/escalating-terrorism-problem-united-states
  2. Sharri Markson's book is the usual collection of conspiracy advocates, including the most famous of them all, orange clown, naturally none of the conspiracies them have been officially verified by credible sources. The former Head of MI6 referenced in the book had also gone down the path of babbling nonsense, reminds one of another person who held a position of respect, Giuliani, prior to being utterly compromised and corrupted. For those interested an article from The Atlantic, a credible source, reviewing the latest shenanigans concerning coverage of Covid 19 virus research. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2021/09/lab-leak-pandemic-origins-even-messier/620209/
  3. trump and co continuing to attempt to unlawfully block investigation. In parallel daily repeating his "big lie". https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-15/steve-bannon-faces-criminal-charges-over-capitol-riot-panel-snub/100541274 https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-tells-gop-back-my-big-lie-or-ill-burn-the-party-down
  4. Utter tripe. A starting point for your education... https://europa.eu/european-union/law/decision-making/procedures_en
  5. Opposites - love Dutch / Belgian french fries with mayo
  6. LOL, meant Hungary. Austria and Italy seem to have been able to address their right wing extremist challenges
  7. Both countries (Poland and Hungary) are in breach of their EU obligations for which they had years to review and iron out any disagreements. As both current governments are in breach and refuse to comply they should remove themselves from the EU. You appear to be unaware that unfortunately EU has no power to remove them unilaterally under current EU rules.
  8. Both Holland and Poland under are undergoing investigations for fraud by the ruling parties during the latest elections., they were not "free and fair elections".
  9. As both countries do not comply to EU agreements they should pull out of the EU, no more subsidies, preferential trade etc etc. Both government are complete hypocrites. In the case of Hungary the ruling party if massively corrupt and actively suppresses freedoms of speech etc and you support them??? Poland is suppressing freedom of speech and minority rights, yet you support them??? It's a pity EU cannot proactively remove them.
  10. FYI I am a UK citizen. Guardian journalism is well respected and has received many awards for professionalism. However, out of curiosity what media outlets do you view as credible? People will have differing interpretations on why UK nationals voted to Leave. Personally I think Cameron completely stuffed up the referendum, should have required a reasonable majority vote to e.g. 60%, whereas getting the Leave vote by a very small percentile provided for ongoing social and political upheaval. IMO the Leave campaign was a disgrace, full of misinformation and nativist populism. Guess will have to wait another 5/10 years to see if UK deems Brexit a success for the future of UK society or not. It is only speculative opinion whether EU will fail or succeed into the future. Obviously there are those who cheer on the possible fall of the EU. Based upon posts in this forum do they want an authoritarian government in their home countries, if so something I cannot comprehend.
  11. Perhaps more constructive, you may find the following URL informative regards current EU centre left politics. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/28/after-spd-win-in-germany-is-europes-centre-left-on-the-rise As the UK is no longer a member of the EU, it is Off Topic.
  12. Perhaps you're more comfortable with the description 'populist nativism' - LOL Though there were 'leavers' promoting racism e.g. Farage https://www.researchgate.net/figure/British-politician-Nigel-Farage-unveiling-a-racist-poster-during-the-Brexit-campaign_fig1_328208110
  13. What's that to do with the OP? However, Farage's response to an authoritarian party in Poland is his usual vomit inducing support for right of centre politics.
  14. OP is in relation to the Polish government which is currently on course to 'right of centre' authoritarian governance; irrelevant to talk to left of centre etc.
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