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  1. Who are these thinkers? The Sandbox was an utter failure with not even 10% of the forecast number actually arriving, and many of them complained that they were fed an overly rosy picture of what they would enjoy. November 1 is not going to see an influx of more than a few hundred at best, and the systems such as the electronic pass will be chaotic. No tourists want to come to an open prison with no bars, clubs and other nightlife. This bunch of prominent thinkers needs to cease being a hype machine for the lame duck government that is incapable of organising the return of tourism.
  2. Is it any wonder that overseas tour operators are simply not paying any attention to this and are not booking their customers to Thailand. They are beyond sick of the constant chaos, ridiculous complexities and lack of strategy. They need to have a minimum 3 - 6 month time horizon to even think about this country, but also understand that our leadership have an attention span measured in minutes. Thailand is being made into a global laughing stock.
  3. No tour operator in the US, UK or EU is going to waste their time even adding Thailand onto their list of countries. Their customers already have a vast array of countries that offer easier access and full on life, not the semi open prison with no nightlife that Prayuth envisages. Who is going to fly for 10 or more hours wearing a mask to artive, take another test, stay in quarantine one night and then be tracked like a criminal wherever they go. Dream on Prayuth, you have not delivered anything but misery since 2014 and you certainly aren't going to bring tourists here by wasting 600 million baht on an aging operatic singer and a local gal who had to go to Korea to succeed.
  4. Seeing that Russia is not one of the 5 approved countries, and that Sputnik is not accepted by WHO and most countries because the manufacturer cannot supply adequate documentation it looks like no passengers will be on any Russian aircraft arriving here.
  5. Lmfao! Open for business 555. A ridiculous list of countries, a continuing curfew, no nighttime entertainment or bars, continuing limitations on places to be visited. This man is beyond delusional if he thinks that more than a handful of Amercans and Germans will fly half way round the world wearing a mask, being tested & tested, restricted to where they can travel and enjoy their visit. Mexico, Maldives, Spain, Greece, Italy are all far more attractive propositions.
  6. This is nothing less than Anutin trying to curry favour with business & MPs as part of his drive to become the next leader of the junta. He is the biggest meanest snake in the snake pit of Thai politics and knows that he needs to repair his tattered reputation for xenophobia, his dirty farandg statement, his hreats to any Thai medics who caught Covid and his utter bungling of vaccine acquisition. The most loathsome of a bunch of disgusting creatures in the cabinet.
  7. Yet again there is unreasonable exuberance. Thailand is known as the laggard in SEA so other similar destinations with far better vaccination rates will take preference, like Malaysia which is 90% double vaxxed. No doubt we will see excited government talk of outstanding forward bookings but these will not take into account that UK & EU tourists are trip stacking so many bookings will not be honoured. There is a very small light at the end of the tunnel!
  8. Lmao. The twerps disseminating this junk are probably unaware that a lot of the food they happily stuff into their faces has been irradiated, as a public health measure.
  9. So the little dictator has put his jackboots on and stomped all over the sweet words of his increasingly powerless superior! It is interesting to note that Anutin says that bars were responsible for huge outbreaks. Has he forgotten that the the biggest bar\club driven outbreak occurred in Thonglor in places frequented by government employees, diplomats and bid business owners. Has he forgotten the military operated boxing stadium outbreak, the mega out reaks in prisons operated by the government, the police training camp outbreak because they employed infected unvaccinated cooks. None of these were due to misbehaving ordinary people but all of them caused widespread infections amongst the public. It is to be hoped that his rantings do not cause what is a very tentative reopening to be another failure like Phuket & Samui have been.
  10. When the Minster for the Digital Economy was recommending that Thailand allow vapers he should have included vibrators and any other electronic sex toy. He wants this country to be in the forefront of the new world of digital products, so why not promote Thailand as the Hub of Digital Stimulation. Oh no that's not right, the Hub of Electronic Stimulation!
  11. This tax is in fact an insignificant amount for each visitor to pay. Indeed it is less than the departure tax that used to be collected at airports but is now incorporated in ticket prices. The more important issue is that there is absolutely no guarantee that the monies raised through this tax will be identified, publicly declared and transparently invested in tourism reconstruction. It will disappear into state coffers and be anonymously used to support junta friends in big business when in fact it is desperately needed to assist the millions of mom & pop tourism enterprises that have been deeply affected in the last 2 years and have no ability to take on new debt to rebuild themselves.
  12. Just a load of anodyne words and virtue signalling. As usual he has left the future months' freeing of restrictions as vague as possible so he cannot be held accountable when things go wrong or are simply not relaxed. He is the most ill equipped person for the reconstruction of this country because he only knows how to control, to rule by dictat and intimidation. He has not one grain of constructive intelligence and no understanding of how badly decimated are millions of small businesses. The fairyland future that he hints at is just that, the childlike dreams of totally naive military minds allied to the interests of mega conglomerates. Millions of Thai can find no hope in his vague storytelling.
  13. This is not meaningful. It is based on historical data and simply does not reflect Thailand of today. Publications must come clean about the devastation wreaked by the lockdowns and closures, about the huge number of businesses that have gone bust, about the rampant unemployment and the fact that until further notice anyone visiting the limited number of open locations will be living in an open prison where they cannot move freely, where there are no bars, no alcohol in restaurants, & no entertainment venues. And the future policy of the government in "cleansing" the industry of undesirable tourists will simply ensure that tourism will not recover anytime soon. As an investor in a tourism enterprise that has been flattened by the last 20 months I dearly want to see business return, but there is such a thing as telling the truth because unhappy prisoner tourists will return home and tell the reality to everyone they know.
  14. It's about time that more of this public display of anger took place. I say well done to everyone who took part.
  15. The fact that CM is excluded is a clear indication that the government despises this province. The governor is utterly incompetent in dealing with anything, like the annual air pollution disaster, like the fact that vaccination levels in his province are not even half way to the 70% needed for tourism opening, like there are no plans to do anything to stimulate domestic visitors etc etc.
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