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  1. Finaly somebody (according to his name probably not a Thai person) trying to inform everybody of problems, that can be a reason to delay the production of an anti coronavirus vaccin. Why not explain this earlier? Because the corrupt, criminal militairy and their backers would not have accepted publishing this kind of information in an earlier stage. Kudo's for James Teague.
  2. Is this the first crack in the armour of the Liar King? The first visable sign he is starting to feel some fear, because of all the criticism about himself and his criminal comrades? Is the real world finaly invading his fantasy world? Let's wait and see.
  3. Try to imagine this. Police (2000 strong) opposing protesters. The police of course will adhere to the rules. Meaning they will oppose the protesters in groupes of no more then 5 persons, each person in such a groupe making certain the distance between them individualy will be at least 1.5 metres. Needless to say the distance between those groupes needs to be more then 1.5 metres to distinguish the groupes from each other. I guess protesters can just walk everywhere they want to go then, applying the same rules. I wish them a pleasant walk and succes realising their goals.
  4. Lets try to stay realistic. The chances he will be sacked are practically zero. Also the chances the sandbox(es) will stop happening soon are very small. It should be clear for everybody in Thailand now, there is only one realistic solution: force Prayut and his criminal croonies out, by using any means necessary to do so. And when this is done, take all the time needed to find 'thrustworthy' people to clear the mess created by those military criminals and by the 'democratic governments before them.
  5. I wonder how many millennials can honestly say non of the twenty mentioned criteria does not apply to them?
  6. I agree with bushav8r. Personally I know of more then one hotel in Bangkok that has their own direct connection with a BTS-station. They are not mentioned in this questionable list. So proclaiming this list mentions a Top 10 of hotels near BTS-stations is as far as I am concerned pure bull.....
  7. As of now only 2 hospitals are open for preregistration. One of those two is already sold out and they only offer Sinovac or Astra Zeneca. Does anybody expect they will be overwhelmed with applications for an appointment.
  8. Adding to my earlier comment, I like to stress, that other first priorities should be, real support (not those ineffective examples Prayut and consorts published before, no real, effective - financial - help for as long as needed) for people and small businesses and the immediate implementation of a vaccination program, a program that offers people (all people) vaccination asap with a reliable vaccine. A vaccine of their own choice.
  9. Lockdown nation wide now. Stop sandbox plans for now, but first of all, lockdown Prayut and his cronies in an excellent Thai prison, awaiting their trials for treason and many other criminal acts.
  10. Again PROVE Prayut and his cronies are totally inadequate to even organize a childs birthday party. This combined with their complete lack for the interests of other people, the ordinairy Thai in particular, screams for drastic measures to make certain they will be ousted as soon as possible.
  11. Interesting...., so now the police know about 4 planned demonstrations in advance, before they are planned to happen. They even know where they will take place and, in 3 of the 4 planned demonstrations, the time they are planned to start. Then why are the police, for instance, still not able to determine where the Red Bull heir is supposed be and to arrest him, so he can be brought to trail after all those years.
  12. TobyAndrews, 30 million bath. There are 60+ million Thais. If Thais will be limping in Sois to get compensation because of negative effects (real or not) as you suggest, this would result in a compensation of less then 50 setang per person. If only 10% or 5 % of the Thai population would claim compensation, then this would mean they would get only less then 5 or 10 baht per person. Of course those amounts are only related to the 30 million baht added to the earlier compensation funds. But all together, I think it is not very spectacular.
  13. Welcome from an also new member - since yesterday - to what you referred to as Thaiger land.
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