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  1. I got my vaccination certificate 30 minutes after my 2nd shot at the hospital where it was given. It did not take 5 days to get it.
  2. I was a victim and Kasikornbank would not reimbursed me. I was in Phuket and the fraud took place in Chang Mai 12 hours earlier.
  3. It makes sense to me using 7 days. It is easier to book a flight 7 days before with a negative result than 3 days before. I am not booking a flight until I get a covid. If I book a flight 7 days before a test and then 3 days before I test positive, I lose my money for the flight
  4. I called NOK AIR again and they rechecked. For flights to Phuket 7 day maximum for Covid test before departure.
  5. I am confused. I found out that you need a negative Covid test not more than 7 days before flying not 72 hours. Which is it? Nok Air said 7 days before?
  6. I think the government should be more concerned about deaths caused by road accident. Those are more preventable. It annoys me more to see 3 or 4 people on a motorbike than seeing people not wearing a face mask.
  7. Incomplete statistics. If you don't test no new cases. I would like to know how many tests are administered daily as well as the number of new infections.
  8. Morprom requires you to input not only the ID number, but also the telephone number you gave the hospital where you registered for the vaccine. Then they will send you an OTP number to enter. Then you can create your own password. Rather simple I think, I had no problem.
  9. The message says please contact the hospital where I got vaccinated. Don't understand. The hospital issued me the vaccination certificate with the ID number.
  10. Ok thanks I took a screenshot and sent to 2 Thai friends via line to translate for me or better yet register for me.
  11. I enterd the 13 digit number from my vaccination certificate and my cell phone number. I pressed submit and got a thai message i pressed ok and nothing happened. Anyone help please?
  12. 50 % In Phuket 50 % In Nongkhai
  13. Never drink at home? Cost Tiger Light - 1 can or bottle retail 35 baht Cost Tiger Light - 1 can or bottle in Beer Bar or 80 - 120 baht or Go - Go Bar 150 - 180 baht Look at the money I save to spend on a short time.
  14. I cannot find Tiger Light in the following establishments: Big C TOPS VILLA MARKET 7 - 11 FAMILY MART
  15. Have in Big C? TOPS? TESCO? VIILA MARKET? 7- 11? FAMILY MART?
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