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  1. That's why he's confirming that it will only be enough vaccine for half the population, single jab. You didn't think they were going to waste some perfectly good submarine money on the great unwashed did you? I mean why change now?
  2. Your friend is incorrect. My friend says that porn is freely available on the internet in Thailand without a VPN and only a few sites remain blocked.
  3. Of course I stand corrected as @Stardust has posted the re-posted op-ed in another thread. Here's a link to the article. https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/2160243/how-to-save-country-when-its-broke
  4. Thanks for re-posting that op ed. It originally appeared in the Post on the 5th but disappeared leading many, including myself, to assume that the PM's recent edict on 'fake news' had found a victim. Now it has reappeared which is roughly coincident with the Civil Court ruling that the PM had 'maybe' breached some of the already weak media protections here. Or, it could simply have been pulled by the author himself to correct a misstatement or statistical error. Anyway K. Chartchai has been a frequent contributor of factual and well-researched opinion on how Thailand's future is being imperiled more than their neighbors by the enduring inability of the military mind to do anything other than what it's ordered to do. They're winging it and winging it very badly.
  5. Hands up everyone who had heard of her before she met her untimely demise. Its quite usual for politicians of any ilk to get involved in a murder case. They're all looking for publicity. He's no worse than the next. Exactly. Didn't Inspektor Prayuth similarly swoop down on Koh Tao to forever taint the investigation into the rape and murder of two young English unknowns?
  6. So I guess there's no chance of seeing yesterday's insightful op-ed by the 'freelance economist' getting re-posted on the Bangkok Post then.
  7. ...what's this thread's subject matter again? Meanwhile, OTHER members are talking about Thailand's bad drivers and OTHER members are talking about the "other" forum.
  8. Spot on Stardust. There is that "other" forum available to those who want to pretend that they are grammar policeman and if anyone can not follow your posts purely because of the odd punctuation/spelling mistake etc then really they must be a bit of short of the grey matter Point taken. Now, in the interests of NOT talking about the "other" forum (again), what's this thread's subject matter again?
  9. Oh I forgot Europe in my list but in my worldwide experience with drivers they are the best in my list and experience. At the risk of going further off topic, what on earth has all that to do with your earlier claims of Thai motorbike 'kick drivers' killing foreigners? PS: You need to use more comma's (,) and periods (.) and don't you go blaming your keyboard either.
  10. Are you suggesting that there's a regional/national game that the locals play of kicking the foreigner off his bike so that he gets killed? Or do some foreigners unfortunately succumb to the known risks of riding or driving the same was as the locals do? No denying that the motorbike deaths and injuries statistics here are shocking but my brother-in-law was drunk and alone on a deserted dirt track through the rice paddy at 3 a.m. when he crashed. Of course it was the water landing that saved his life but his amulets got an honorable mention in dispatches. Back on topic: Thailand's race against Malaysia for the ASEAN Covid-19 Gold medal looks pretty good right now.
  11. Does that mean the government can grab the remaining 177 million out of my account and pay for the last couple of Korean jet trainers that they ordered ages ago?
  12. About 16 hours ago, there was an op-ed in today's Bangkok Post by respected freelance economist Chartchai Parasuk called "How to save country when it's broke." Among other things, it broadly countered the notion of Thailand having a fat wallet. I hope some members managed to read it earlier as it has now been '404'd.
  13. Malaysia has had very restrictive and robust MCO's (movement control orders) in place for months. These are a very restrictive and are strictly enforced. Last year's Thailand lockdown was a Glastonbury Festival in comparison to what Malaysia has done. Fines for violating the rules were upped from 7,800 baht (equivalent) to 78,000 baht last March. They also have a vaccine rollout plan that, after a similar poor start and questions about procurement, has since outpaced Thailand's effort. Today Malaysia recorded 20,596 new infections. That's only 324 cases behind Thailand.
  14. You'd better be quick about it. There's already news articles in other countries about some of their nationals visiting the US solely to go to Walgreens, CVS or even Walmart and getting jabbed before coming back home. I still have property there and a US visa so a quick visit was also my vaccination 'Plan C' for a while. May still be on option if my other couple of 'cunning plans' get shot down.
  15. Late last year (or earlier this year), I recall reading several articles, mostly speculative about this fire on some non- Navy mariners websites. This was well before the arrest of anyone suspected of starting the fire. Through comments by Navy personnel speaking on the condition of anonymity at that time, the suspect was allegedly a disgruntled seaman who was suspected of setting at least a couple of smaller fires in the days or weeks leading up to this inferno. These articles also suggested that since the vessel was under a major refit, there were hundreds of non-Navy contractors working throughout the vessel and the main war materiel assembly area, 'Deep V' was where there was a largely disorganized and mostly unregulated 'warehousing' of new material coming on and skips and pallets of old material and trash for landing ashore; a bit like a huge, messy building site. There was also the suggestion that some critical fire detection systems had been disabled in various areas of the ship due to being spuriously triggered by smoke, dust and other emissions from the ongoing 24/7 refitting and refurbishing. For the very reason that some of the fire control systems were also being upgraded, some fire stations had either been removed, relocated or disconnected and thus made redundant. There was also a comment that although several hundred Navy crew were still billeted onboard, there had been no General Alarm, Fire or other Muster Drills conducted. The underlying tilt of the commentary was a badly organized and poorly administered bout of extended shipyard work or, in layman's terms, an accident waiting to happen. The BBC's report in the OP comes after the Navy had arrested Ryan Sawyers Mays who is variously reported as a 'disgruntled SEAL dropout' or someone with an axe to grind. It appears that CIS may have found their 'root cause' of the incident but so far there's no mention of the badly managed dockside refit that enabled his alleged fire-setting to result in a $2.5 billion vessel write-off. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/08/04/seal-dropout-who-shipmates-said-hates-navy-suspected-bonhomme-richard-fire.html The USN in general and the Pacific Command in particular, have had a torrid time for at least five years already. I will be watching how this incident's 'prosecution' unfolds and see if there's any shielding of officers and commanders who, in the merchant marine environment, would be deemed as complicit in creating the conditions that enabled this conflagration. The USN's investigation although now completed, is still under internal review. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/07/12/one-year-after-bonhomme-richard-fire-questions-remain-unanswered.html
  16. It was April actually and not May (, may, may, may.) Top Chinese official admits vaccines have low effectiveness By JOE McDONALD and HUIZHONG WU April 11, 2021 BEIJING (AP) — China’s top disease control official, in a rare acknowledgement, said current vaccines offer low protection against the coronavirus and mixing them is among strategies being considered to boost their effectiveness. China has distributed hundreds of millions of doses of domestically made vaccines abroad and is relying on them for its own mass immunization campaign. But the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Gao Fu, said at a conference Saturday their efficacy rates needed improving. https://apnews.com/article/china-gao-fu-vaccines-offer-low-protection-coronavirus-675bcb6b5710c7329823148ffbff6ef9
  17. Oh they have, have they? Do show us the research paper in an attachment? Including the part quoting 'dirty dishwater.' The Chinese never shared any research paper on their original vaccine development so despite the WHO saying it was OK, the paper dealing specifically with 'dirty dishwater' that you seek will be even more difficult to find. However, they have admitted that the efficacy of their vaccines is substantially challenged by the Delta variant that is surging across China right now. "Part of the challenge for Beijing is that the Chinese-made vaccines being used to immunize the country are not as effective against the Delta variant as other shots. The government says it has already administered about 1.69 billion doses. Health officials are now considering giving booster shots to people with compromised immune systems as well as older citizens. ..." https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/04/world/asia/china-delta-covid-testing-outbreak.html Here's more good news for the +39 nations that are drinking the Chinese Belt & Road Kool-Aid. "China kicked off its vaccine diplomacy campaign last year by pledging to provide a shot that would be safe and effective at preventing severe cases of Covid-19. Less certain at the time was how successful it and other vaccines would be at curbing transmission. Now, examples from several countries suggest that the Chinese vaccines may not be very effective at preventing the spread of the virus, particularly the new variants. The experiences of those countries lay bare a harsh reality facing a postpandemic world: The degree of recovery may depend on which vaccines governments give to their people. ..." https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/22/business/economy/china-vaccines-covid-outbreak.html
  18. I lived the Pattaya dream through the 1980's while working in the region. Got married and divorced within that spell and then left for about 12 years, making the US, Brazil and Cuba my temporary homes. Work in the far east brought me back to Thailand (and Pattaya) around 2004. Didn't take me long to see that it had changed as much as I had and growing old and lonely on a bar stool wasn't going to work. So I allowed myself to be acquired by one of Pattaya's finest demimondaines of that era, got married and moved to her home town of Udon. We did return to the 'dark side' for a 5 year spell to get our boy started in school but as things steadily improved, or became available and were generally cheaper in Udon, we moved back there. We've got the two boys now and I have a small circle of farang friends, all +15 year VTW (Veterans of Thai Wars), all married who prefer to avoid the likes of Soi Sampan and socialize once or twice a week at the more sedate and eclectic social and dining hangouts on the ring road. Everyone's got their own 'been there, done that' t-shirt without the need to try and tell others what they're doing wrong (or right) but every so often, and depending on the beer intake, we do try and get a clue of what's inside each others cupboards. I used to take a trip to Pattaya every couple of months for a 'reality check' and stock up on UK comestibles but I found those trips becoming shorter due to lack of interest in the bar hopping madness, dwindling numbers of the old 'Pattaya gang' to hang out with and also because I could get most if the stuff I was shopping for locally in Udon. Very happy with the 4-bedroom villa we built about 15 years ago but would probably sell that and get a bit of land and build a smaller place further out where the air is cleaner and the Mrs can grow her fruit 'n' veggies. We did have a small farm on the north side of town for about three years but that was wiped out by floods after an inconsiderate neighboring land owner chose to dam the creek. No big loss as the Mrs sold it to someone who was looking for a fish farm anyway! Isaan Dream? It's what you make it really. I wasn't born in the country but my youth was growing up in the countryside so I much prefer the Udon 'burbs; 10 minutes one way and you have airconditioning and shopping, ten minutes the other way and it's rice paddy and fishing holes. Having a good wife of 14 years and our family to keep me focused on our own needs and life plans makes it easier to deal with the unique cultural peculiarities and demands of the black hole that the Isaan family unit can be.
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