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  1. Why else would Phuket be orange while other provinces with less cases are red if not for the big corporations paying the government
  2. But the ICC won't or can't investigate the Chinese president or the ruler of North Korea, Iran, Myanmar and the list goes on
  3. Yes there are some of us in dark red provinces that are still waiting for appointments
  4. The app doesn't seem to be working very good and I would prefer to read the country and provincial totals instead of watching a video
  5. I hate these power poles over here they are always springing up in the middle of the road. RIP young lady
  6. The 60 % that only wanted vaccinated people allowed in stores and restaurants must be the ones lucky enough to have gotten a vaccine shot
  7. I guess they'll get the army to bring in those new tanks and live ammo
  8. He will hand pick a couple of hundred more generals to ensure that he remains dictator /PM
  9. I just got a 30 day jail sentence on fakebook for a comment like that
  10. I have psi satellite I was flipping through the channels one after I moved here and saw cock fighting but their spurs were taped. In Pattaya I was flipping through the channels and saw the same thing but they had the metal spurs on and were killing each other
  11. Wonder how much they are paying the dictator and his cohorts to remain orange
  12. And the biggest joke of this government Phucket which has more new cases then some red and dark red provinces is still orange
  13. Of course China don't want outside involvement they are backing the dictator and want that seaport and pipeline
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