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  1. As an expat how can I use this app since you need a Thai ID number to register?
  2. The only flooding will be if the monsoon rains continue - and that’s water, not International Tourists.
  3. The Ebola vaccine was invented by a Belgium scientist in 2014, GSK later commercialized it.
  4. You are absolutely correct - there is no way a dilute Subq injection with an mRNA vaccine will be an appropriate booster shot delivery mechanism for people with the inactivated vaccine initial doses. This is basic viral vaccine 101.
  5. Phuket’s team of world class virologists leading the way.
  6. I wonder how many of the new cases and unfortunate deaths are with people who have been vaccinated? Would be interesting to see those numbers.
  7. I was wondering during these periods of reduced availability of alcohol if the drunk driving death rate has gone down? Anyone know where that data is available?
  8. So instead of a comfortable 1 hour flight to BKK they will now pay 1500 for an uncomfortable 14 hour bus ride. That is sure to inspire them to say good things about their Phuket vacation experience upon arrival home. Amazing
  9. So that’s about 380,000 per day (6 day week) to reach that goal for Bangkok.
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