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  1. It was the A345's that were the real gas hogs and I am pretty sure TG never found a buyer for them, I think they are all parked at DMK rotting away. Since it looks like the A380 us dead now I wonder if Thai will keep any of them. I can't see much international travel coming back for several years, or ever if the globalists make it illegal under some climate mandates.
  2. I really wish the media would stop saying this. Covid did not destroy economies, the authoritarians in charge of gov'ts did this to us.
  3. This was not the case on my covid extension, 60 days started right away even though I had 3 days left on my visa, just FYI.
  4. You're an anti-vaxxer now I see....there is NO RISK from any vaccine or any combination of vaccines in ANY person, and if you question anything you want people to die from covid.
  5. Whoopsie!! https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2184023/healthy-ratchaburi-man-dies-after-receiving-az-booster-shot
  6. Just a heads up I went to CW today and they said I needed this, then handed me the form to fill out. All in all everyone very nice, in and out 30 mins...when they saw me trying to decide which reason to check off for the extension, they just took the form and marked no flights 5555.
  7. You are in the wrong country if you want to "feel safe" Might be time to go back to nanny state west Bob.
  8. Fair observation. Let's take Japan. Nuked twice, and probably worse was the fire bombing of the cities buy the U.S. and by every metric Japan is a far superior country than the U.S. now. I have traveled all over both countries and I can say without a doubt Japan is miles ahead of America. Incredible public transit and infrastructure, very low crime, high quality of life, beautiful cities. America? Go watch some of the videos on YT about Philly, SF, LA or just about any big city. Violently dangerous 3rd world slums.
  9. The more they vaccinate the more cases and the more hospitals fill up. Very odd.
  10. Pure madness, no science to back any of these claims up!!
  11. Cathay was in trouble before wuhan virus, they might as well just call it a day at this point. Hope more staff call it quits.
  12. I thought covid was a devastating pandemic, surely if this is the case you would not let in hundreds of thousands of untested and unvaxxed people into your country...right?
  13. You also don't need free speech if you have nothing to say right? Well it was a good run, the new normal should be a fun time...to think many expats used to come to Thailand to get away from the nanny states they hail from.
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