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  1. Thanks @Smithydog and @BigHewer. I've fine tuned my fasting now and am seeing results. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get it right, and it initially was a bit tough getting the balance and of course, pushing back on that sugar craving. I am currently running on a 4 day cycle of fasting as follows: 7pm start, through to 4pm the following day with diluted (2 teaspoons to a cup of hot water) Apple cider vinegar when hungry and 1 Cup of black coffee at dinnertime. My "window" is between 4pm and 7pm, so I eat some "green" fruit at 4pm, then at 6:30 my main meal which is balanced between carbs, protein, some fats and veggies along with a multivitamin tablet. This goes on until day 4 which is a regular day (3 squares) for eating starting at 6:00am until 7pm when the fasting begins again. I'm rewarding myself once a week only with 2 beers (330ml) which makes it all the better!. I'm feeling a hell of a lot better in myself. Although my energy levels are low towards the end of a gym session and towards late in the evenings (I've adjusted my cardio accordingly for the time being) I still feel fine. I don't think I've ever slept this well in memory, I wake up feeling energised, my taste buds are super sensitive to flavours and I'm no longer getting that "sleepy" lull in the mid afternoons. My BP is down slightly, my heart rate is 57 - 59 BPM resting and I swear my skin looks better. I'm also down 2.5kg at the time of writing, which I'm pleased about but again, the narcissist in me tells me I look better in the mirror :) Honestly, anyone who wants to lose weight should really have a look at fasting. I am now pretty much 100% converted, although it does take fine tuning and can be slightly hit and miss at first, after week one it gets easier. It has taken me about 2-3 weeks to start seeing and feeling the benefits, but it is well worth it. One last point, if, like me, you've cut out refined sugar and then someone makes you a cuppa with 2 sugars in it, prepare to spit it everywhere, it tastes bloody sickly, never thought I'd say it, but jeez it's horrid.
  2. I've now been fasting since the 9th intermittently. It's a new approach for me and I'd like to thank @Smithydogand @BigHewer for their guidance and for relating their experiences to me, to allow me to make up my mind on this. I started gradually, counting "sleep" as fasting time, so my last meal would be at 18:30 and my next food at initially, 09:30 and building up from that. My next step was to reduce the meal time back to 18:00 and increase the eating time the following day by 30 mins. My schedule has been as follows: fasting on (August dates) 9,10,11. normal food day 12 and 13, and now fasting since 14th - my next "normal" day for food will be the 17th. Currently my last meal is at 16:00 and I fast (with the exception of lemon in water and the occasional black coffee) right through until 13:30 the following day where I eat fruit or some steamed chicken and broccoli, then have another meal at 16:00. My calorific intake is around 1200 Calories. The hardest day, without question was the 11th. Massive headache, lack of energy and I binned it for the following day (during which I consumed 1800 - 2k calories of veg, meat, some cheese and fruit). However, it has become easier now. The hunger pangs have stopped and if I do feel hungry, then a glass of water deals with it. I'm also taking vitamin suppliments with my main meal. I also initially got cramps in my calf muscles and thighs, coupled with the need to piss a lot. As I am new to this, I am taking my time to record how I get on, and will adjust if needed to find what suits me, initially I'm finding "green fruits" like grapes, pears and apples keep me full for longer whereas the colourful stuff like bananas and oranges give me an energy boost. Black coffee is awesome, and I'm actually really finding the subtleties in the taste of different brands. I'm using instant but I'm finding my taste becoming much more sensitive to sweet, salt and bitter. Veg wise, a large plate of cooked broccoli, carrots & raw onion (love raw onion) and corn will settle nicely and I find I can sleep without any hunger pangs at all. My aim is to be able to fully fast for 24 hours by the end of the month. If I'm able to achieve it earlier, I'll push on harder. I'm only a bit disappointed because my trousers are not any looser, and I don't see much of a change at the moment but it is still early days. cheers.
  3. Watched his interview with Joe Rogan last night, very interesting and food for thought on the logic behind why fasting works.
  4. Sapporo for me, a cracking Japanese beer but not cheap in the UK.
  5. Yes, 100% agree with you there, because the viral load in an enclosed office increases exponentially over time whereas outside due to it being outside, the viral load within that area will be zero or very, very small, if any. All a curfew does is attempt to restrict social contact but as you say, it is counter productive because instead of socialising outside, people do it indoors and under the radar which kind of defeats the whole idea of it. Also imposing a curfew makes the populous more accepting of it, despite it being a massive surrender of civil liberties. Note: I'm not a conspiracy theorist but curfews, (unless it's for a Military purpose) and especially in this scenario are extremely intrusive and downright unjustified. We may disagree over the whole vaccine / covid / mask thing, but I totally agree with you on this one. Much like discouraging the use of cash, it is pointless and very possibly has a more sinister and insidious agenda behind it.
  6. Agree , and Thailand is a very long way from anything resembling that. Just wondered what the "official" line on this will be. No one going to be losing face if they can help it.
  7. You can't say "what actually happened" because history and the fact you weren't there tend to disagree with your comment, plus this data is contrary with the numbers you quote: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1107397/smallpox-death-rate-britain-historical/ Give me a reliable source, but as Smallpox was a global issue, cherry picking the UK isn't really a viable point of reference anyway because it's like saying "how many malaria deaths did the UK have last year?" We're not talking about any specific country, I am talking globally, and here's a reliable and researched source which gives a better overall picture.: https://ourworldindata.org/smallpox Give me a verified source for the "raft of evidence" Give me a verified source for the numbers pre vaccination globally and UK centric. Give me proof that supports your claim that it was sanitation linked.
  8. Oddly enough, in medicine and science that is pretty much exactly how it works, which is why we don't have orthopedic surgeons carrying out heart transplants and epidemiologists doing Hematology, because, guess what, they don't have the knowledge within that field. In fact, it's called "speculation" which is exactly what these people like "Dr Kaufman" do, they are speculating or at best, taking a partly educated guess, and as usual the tin foil hatters lap it up because he's an "expert". Dr Kaufman has been exposed, so why not expose an expert on the other side of the fence promoting vaccination, start with discrediting Dr Johnathan Van Tam, he's a public figure so surely he must be wrong and on the side of the Govt promoting this terrible vaccine. Be in interested to read your evidence.
  9. Will there be any admission by anyone that the Phuket Sandbox has been a failure, or will it be heralded as a success?. If not, will the Samui and Chonburi etc sandbox still go ahead?. It's a shame, because if nothing else it did offer hope to those in the related industries that things might begin to improve, and a lot of hopes were pinned on the Phuket example to run smoothly and perhaps open the doors for other areas. Just goes to show that you can't trust the numbers.
  10. Smallpox is caused by the Variola virus, it has been proved, eradicated (through vaccination) and even weaponised. Germs cause disease. Millions of dead peasants in the dark ages can attest to that. You'll have to prove that germs don't cause diseases and also that viruses don't cause diseases, but somehow I think the evidence to the contrary is somewhat overwhelming. As for "Dr Kaufman": https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-pseudoscience/psychiatrist-who-calmly-denies-reality "As a board-certified forensic psychiatrist, Kaufman has a medical degree, but he is not certified nor qualified by the multiple years of training required by the relevant specialties: epidemiology, virology, vaccinology and microbiology. Medical ethicists call it "drift" when doctors try to work beyond the limitations of their specialty". Enough said.
  11. Hi, My gym routine is purely for keeping myself active, keeping my joints moving, losing or keeping my weight static or less and making the most of any health benefits. I'm not going for any records, and my diet is pretty decent but needs improving a bit ?. I do this routine 3 / 4 times a week: Cross Trainer 8- 10km, mid level @11kph Treadmill 2km @10kph I'll switch from day to day, so the next day will be: Rowing machine 1km (not at speed) then rest for 5 min then another 1km. Static bike 8 -10km Treadmill 2km @ 10 kph I have found my fitness level has reached a bit of a plateau but I am happy with it, at the age of 52 I'm never going to be a big muscled guy nor a marathon runner, but I'm aiming for a decent balance. Initially I found it really hard going, the trick was to reduce the cardio to a manageable level then build up over time. I sometimes do weights, but purely to keep some mobility and strength up. Each session I always finish with a traditional Sauna for 30 min with a break and cold shower half way through (best part of the session for me!!). Be interested to see what you guys do, or if you think my session might do with some adjustment which will be beneficial.
  12. @Smithydog Mate I'd be interested in hearing more about the regular fasting and the advantages you got from it, plus any drawbacks. I've tried fasting before, but always ended up with a huge headache towards the end of the day, but I'm eager to give it another go and it would be awesome to maybe learn a method or system that works. Cheers :)
  13. That is truly shocking, and yeah, Banana Republic is one was of describing it, tinpot dictatorship perhaps being another.
  14. I miss those "Pattayamail" photo's of the perp being pointed at , or pointing at their crime scene.
  15. Hotel, guest house or rented condo?. I'm very much for the quiet life these days, so my Hotel of choice in recent years has been the LK Royal Wing off Soi Bukhao, decent rooftop pool, decent rooms and good staff, with secure underground and outside parking. Prior to that it was either one of the Sabais or Eastiny Hotels, depending upon which had the better deal. I have stayed in a few guest houses in the past, in Soi pothole (chaiyapoon inn) and previously the Irovers, but while they offered great value and good location, the noise did start to grind me down a bit, and I took to wearing earplugs in the end (which I prefer not to do in case I don't hear the fire alarm!). Next I might be looking at a rented condo in VT6 for a month, or maybe somewhere around the Bukhao area. Luckily I've never (touch wood) had any real issues in my choice of accomodation over all the years, and I do tend to adjust my expectations accordingly. I'd be interested to hear any suggestions from boardies, and hopefully before the end of the year we can start to look at booking up again :)
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