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  1. Yo my man it's just a joke... Think your meds are off since you're taking this seriously !
  2. Go ahead Jay rock that "cholo " shirt dude... you gangster kid Seriously the "Hawaii five O " is old school and played out but its Thailand and its all good fellas ! I'm still with the Thaiger !
  3. Obviously the Thai gov have their priorities ass backwards and mixed up... Pushing the booster shot ( jab) while the other 70+% of Thais can't get the first injection ! However I do agree that frontline workers who received the " ineffective Sinovac" vaccines should get the booster and as far as putting another inexperienced military officer in charge of vaccine distribution and testing instead of well experienced trained medical professionals... well I only have to say look how that turned out with the PM presently in charge of the country... Disastrous results ahead !
  4. A good start, however regardless of what legitimate representation is chosen to attend two key actionable decisions must be immediately implemented by ASEAN to severely impact the " Junta" government. (1) Extreme financial sanctions must be immediately executed against the the leadership of the illegal military junta . (2) Sanctions/and possibly exclusions from commercial markets in the ASEAN community for China, Russia and any other countries that financially support the Myanmar junta government. Fear of the sanctions impact on the people is presently in execution being that the Junta government has already taken civil, financial and social liberties away from the Burmese people! Other than that the meeting will be perceived as another photo op and false posturing by the participating countries and a signal to the"junta" that no one will or can hold them accountable for the mass murders and capsizing of the Myanmar legitimate government !
  5. Yo Jay, Tim( first )The new currency is lavender which is sort of between pink and purple . (second) Simply put the"COE" is basically an unnecessary amendment to the Thai visa pre/on arrival which gives immigration all the info they need from foreign visitors. (third) If the Thai gov/TAT goes ahead with its proposed opening (Oct to Nov) to foreign visitors the COE will definitely be an impediment to the already complicated processing scheme ! This regardless of lifted restrictions will cause apprehension among tourists who will simply seek nearby countries with cheaper fares, accomodations, and no restrictive stipulations what so ever . Simply put people will wait it out or go elsewhere until the travel becomes affordable and less ( red tape) combursom !
  6. True.. I stand corrected on back packers can't argue with you guys that live there for 10+ yrs, but the bar scene is definitely changed as well as some of the beach fronts. Anyway my point is that Pattaya's future is assured regardless of compatibility with Phuket or the likes thereof and I believe that post "COVID" (pending economic recovery/revitalization) its growth will be sustainable due to the changing demographics and future government plans to attract more " higher end " tourists. I don't necessarily agree with that but it is the governments compass heading into the future of tourism !
  7. In contrast to " Dan's " opinion on Pattaya's compatibility with other popular Thai vacation attractions I believe Pattaya historically has been more popular than Phuket and other vacation hot spots in country. Just a throw back to the pre, present, and post Vietnam war day's, months ,years ... Pattaya was an important logistical port and RR (rest/relaxation for the armed forces) annex to Bangkok which developed and economically thrived during that era. Fast forward to 2021...yes I agree that the old " bar" scene is petering off but Pattaya's hotel, restaurant, resort business demographics has been modernizing before " COVID" ! I've been to Thailand many times and visited Pattaya nearly every time. What i've observed over the past five years is the change in tourism demographics from back packers, to more family orientated hotels,resorts , parks as well as esthetically modernizing beach fronts throughout the area . For example the removal of some trees along the beach fronts and creating a paved walkway along the coastlines boardering hotels, restaurants,resort businesses and at the same time diminishing the " bar girl/hostel" establishments and catering more to restaurant/bar live entertainment venue's that are more attractive to families ! Pattaya's compatibility is not the issue ... Pattaya's sustainable development is ,and as a historically popular night life destination its future in the " after COVID era" is assured only the demographics are changing Pattaya's tourism industry for the better !
  8. The ICC should take on the case being that this was obviously a case of mass murder sanctioned by the Thai government and military ! Both government/ military entities and officials representatives were responsible for the massacre then and now . You can run but you can't hide !!!
  9. Apologize for the grammatical error but I believe you got the gist of my question which was ( by Thai constitutional law) " Will the Thai government and monarchy dismiss/ violate their own constitution and allow Prayut to illegally run for a third term risking a constitutional crisis and a national revolt ??
  10. Here's a serious question for the constitutional lawyers and constitutional appointed court. "Officially" Prayut Chan u chat was appointed PM and sanctioned by the monarchy August 24 2014 amongst two other titles previously held . So my question to the monarchy and the Thai government according to" your constitution" he's served two terms already ....So... will you dismiss/ violate your own constitutional laws and allow an " illegal third term run " and risk a revolution ! The present protests are gaining momentum because of his unpopularity and a constitutional crisis would fervently fuel a national revolt!
  11. The RTP knew all of this for years . Even the initial accident/ incident reports submitted revealed the speed,drug test, and physical damage results at the scene of the crime. I say crime because obviously it's a "hit and run,DUI, and reckless driving " situation based upon current law's and previous charges filed ! However.... Not engaging Interpol or any foreign assistance to extradite "boss " is obvious . The reason for this is apparently clear.... RED BULL family/ enterprise is taking advantage of the corrupt RTP authorities and government with a pay off to stall extradition and prosecution of their son ! The ex Police chief, lawyer are just part of a scheme to cover up and alter certain facts that would incriminate " boss" in court !
  12. For the past few days I've watched videos on Thai hospitals and villages severely damaged in those areas affected by tropical storm Dianmu . One thing I noticed is the local residents and hospital staff working together to transfer patients and clean up the hospital and area ." The Thai army/ emergency services were no where to be found but Prayut showed up to give out a couple of care packages for a photo op and tell people to pray ! How about dispatching the Thai army corps of engineers, soldiers from various regional bases, and emergency services personel to help the people instead of handing out a few bags for a photo op ! Trumpian callousness( throwing paper towels at Puerto Rican residents) what a damn shame !!
  13. When the top echelon of the Thai police and the PM are held accountable for their corrupt activities and complacency then only will there be respect , honor and integrity among the ranks. A slap on the wrist "ain't gonna change" piss poor moral and criminal like attitude ! Absolute power corrupts Absolutely and Prayut"s administration is a prime example of this " gangster" like mentality the Thai police department exude !
  14. As usual the Thai governments slow rollout and procurement of essential vaccines is obvious. They're using the " I haven't received any paperwork" excuses now ! Sounding like High school students " my parents didn't receive any letters from school about my bad behavior" . In fact I take that back Thai students can run the government better than these incompetent ministers !
  15. Why not run people over if you can" bag " someone to death then the police figure it's easier to run them over with a truck ! Regardless of the video they've ( police) already justified the officers careless actions . Just another atrocity fueling an upcoming revolution cause people are not going to put up with this injustice for long and unfortunately matters will turn to outright violent retaliation ! The government entities are looking more like a public enemy than a political foe and that's the beginnings of a revolution in the people's eyes !
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