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  1. They should have thought about that in the $$ they spent in tourism here pre-covid
  2. Invest $1m and get what? A headache and a 1 year work permit you don't need. Waste of time.
  3. The vaccines are all experimentation, but personally prefer not to be in the first experimental group round in an evolving pandemic. I'm selfish that way.
  4. Here in Phuket, we got 2 x Sinovac mostly and the booster is an interdermal shot of AZ at 20% of the dose, because some nobody Phuket hospital said it was a good idea after a study of 130 people. Most people I know have refused to take that booster. A couple of friends have just gone back home to other countries to start getting vaccinated with something non Sinovac and doseage manufacturers actually recommend. I plan to take advantage of the re-openings once it settles a little and do the same.
  5. Maybe they can just rebadge it at a certain factory in Thailand and sell it on.
  6. Actually it's not too bad value if you don't have health cover here. It covers accident and sickness too.
  7. Amusingly, Thai airways are part of the trial for it too. Maybe apps are the new forms. You need many different one on your phone at the same time, some overlapping in utility, some leaking your personal information and others just conflicting with other apps or causing your phone to crash. Then nobody will look at them anyway.
  8. Should have a K-Pop Star and and Italian Opera singer concert ideally. That would do it.
  9. Not tone deaf, but completely deaf and blind. People are still starving and you're gonna spend 600 mil on a K-Pop star and an Italian opera singer - in a pandemic. Re-open we must. But, the absolute nonsense of it aside, they have clearly learned nothing from how we ended up in this place.
  10. Great. Some more handouts to mix with Sinovac. Intradermaly with 20% doses because apparently we don't have enough vaccine, even though we make it and have enough.
  11. "The plan is to initially open to 10 countries that have a low Covid-19 risk, allowing people from those countries who are fully vaccinated to enter Thailand" Here, let me correct that. "The plan is to initially open to 10 countries that will spend the most cash, who won't mind coming to the covid capital of Asia because their countries are leading the world in active covid cases anyway".
  12. A simple poor farmer turned money lender/loanshark robbed by a bank manager. Poetic justice?
  13. The cops standing there with the haul of contraband worth clearly more than the 2.5 trillion bhat in meth, ice and other drugs moved through Thailand, must have really annoyed someone up the food chain. In a police service that tends to favour nick names, Joe Ferrari, Big Joke and so on, meet Johnny Dildo and his partner Jimmy Fleshlight.
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