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  1. The official figures from Gov.UK are as follows: Single vaccs-86.4%. Double vaccs- 79.2% Boosters approx 2.5 million. Regionally, as of last week Booster jab walk in centres are open (so long as you meet the criteria i.e. you have had 2 jabs and the time lapse from your second jab is 6 months and one day.
  2. In addition to what you have said, how many Indians have been tested? India doesn't have a clue how many infected people are walking around.
  3. Perhaps Prayut was so fixated/obsessed with his 'chocolate teapot' sandboxes. I think Prayut prefers being a little reactive than proactive.
  4. Big mistake discontinuation of masks, social distancing and hand sanitizers. The new cases are becoming disturbingly high, though the UK have carried out over 6 million test in the past 7 days. Fortunately a considerable decrease in new cases being hospitalized. Now it is time to roll out the booster vaccinations (and reintroduce masks/face coverings and hand sanitizing.
  5. That is good news. I've asked several authorities who can't/won't give a straight answer. Where can I find the info? I want to transit through BKK to CNX
  6. A lot could happen between now and Nov 1. Personally I wouldn't risk taking it down to the wire, it may be a seamless transition but it could easily change with significant changes. I have written off 2021 having cancelled Dec, Jan and am aiming for Feb 1 2022.
  7. The photo doesn't necessarily mean he's issuing a ticket. I think he wants to do a straight swap with the young lady for her boots.
  8. Don't forget the average 850,000 tests per day in the UK and an average 75% vaccinated. Has Thailand managed 10 million tests yet? What is the percentage vaccinated in Thailand and which vaccination has been administered?
  9. Anyone with any sense will be looking at alternate airlines and give Thai Airways a wide berth. Other international Airlines have suffered immensely but Thai are up to their necks in the murky brown stuff.
  10. Remind me, what is a refund? Seriously, no we are owed thousands (GBP) despite being chased up regularly and frequently by our Travel Consultant's finance department. Despite spending a whole day in the Thai Airways offices (Chiang Mai) in March last year, they left us stranded by cancelling all their flights from CNX to BKK. Bangkok Airways were brilliant, can't thank them enough.
  11. Have you considered the fact that the UK has carried out 312 million tests, hence the identified new cases. Unlike Thailand who have carried out less than 10 million tests. Perhaps if the UK stopped testing they would have virtually no new cases. Thailand is a powder keg with pathetically low testing figures. Likewise with vaccinations, I believe around 33% have been vaccinated (with the placebo or pseudo vaccination Sinovac).
  12. The more you test per day, the more new cases you are likely to identify. The UK performs at least 800,000 tests per day. Compare that with Thailand, along with their respective vaccination programmes. The UK has already started its booster programme, approx 2.5 million administered already.
  13. Your accurate figures for new cases for Thailand vs UK are 'odd' to say the least, worked out in a Government special massage parlour where only numbers are massaged. Perhaps if Thailand had attempted to test anywhere near the tests carried out in the UK we might see a different figure. Currently UK has carried out 311 million tests. Thailand less than 10 million tests. Admittedly a large number of UK tests are repeat tests particularly with front line workers but 300 million difference says a lot about Thailand's Government's attitude. The UK also has a different interpretation of Covid related deaths to Thailand. As for vaccinations, it has become shambolic, exacerbated by Chan-o-cha's fixation/obsession with his Phuket sandbox. The rest of the Country is a secondary issue with ad hoc vaccination centres.
  14. The FCDO and Government tend to contradict each other, as you say the FCDO SHOULD update their info soon. As for your lack of interest in your items listed, I couldn't agree more. Prayut and his flunkies need to catch up to what most of the planet is doing (including realistic, truthful figures on new cases and deaths.
  15. CM has certainly got worse on a daily basis. Vaccination figures are poor to say the least. It's either robust action (vaccinating) or forget November 1.
  16. It's called a crystal ball. I just want to borrow it once for the lottery numbers. Alternatively it's wishful thinking or good old fashioned BS.
  17. You obviously don't have the stamina to jump through all the hoops they keep creating 555 Like you, I'm looking more west than East. About time a paid Cuba another visit.
  18. Most Asian Countries can spell such as Nike, Adidas, Wrangler. The Chinese can't even get that right. One example was a pair of Levi jeans checked in Sothern Ireland. The leather label was Wrangler but no 'W' and stitched on upside down.
  19. It's good news is if comes to fruition. My reservation is the use of the words 'could' and 'should'. If they really get their act together they might reach the required percentages by the end of 2021. It's wishful thinking on my part but I'd like to think they can reach their target before the end of this year.
  20. To the best of my knowledge it is only Sinovac that is not recognised in the UK. This may have changed recently, but I've not seen anything to that effect.
  21. My guess is that annual booster vaccinations will become the norm, not unlike flu jabs.
  22. I'd like to see someone's first hand unbiased experience. I'm weeks away from cancelling Koh Samui.
  23. That's being too rational, logical and sensible. We are talking about Prayut (Ronald McDonald ) Chan-o-cha here.
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