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  1. It can go wherever it wants in Spain, I'm more likely to go to Kabul than Spain 555
  2. Probably because a good majority of 'ex pats' are just sad and are in Thailand for a 'happy ending'.
  3. Sadly, Thailand does not any form of strategy for testing, hence the 'spikes' that they 'submit'. Cash should be the last thing on their or any Country on their minds. It's disgraceful the way the Thai Government has 'handled' this global problem. Shame on you Prayut!
  4. So what is the problem, the elite make Prayut's figure look good. That's not his concern. Votes that count. That way the majority of Thai citizens don't have a say. Boy, does he think he looks good 555
  5. The 'Happy Endings' are predominantly for the ex pats, zimmer frames, grey hair or balding with no regular partner. A little stereotypical but in the main, accurate. For those feeling it has hit a raw nerve, don't get paranoid. It's the primate mentality in most of male humans.
  6. I admire your optimism. I've just cancelled December 2021, February 2022 looks doubtful, July for CM and Samui looks like a maybe. I'm growing tired of having to talk to my daughter on Skype or Line. Good luck.
  7. Not quite right, some Countries are avoiding looking like a clown, Prayut et al are going for the Gold Medal for the circus act. It is sad, frustrating and bloody well annoying.
  8. Thaiger love to be PC, don't like rocking the boat or being an individual.
  9. It's difficult to admit you got it wrong. The Pm has placed so much spin on it and massaged the figures, it has become embarrassing.
  10. Without sounding negative, I agree, it's when will be the next 'peak'.
  11. Beautiful Airline but I'll chose my flights to avoid flying on this potential death trap. FAA and Boeing have very nice brown envelopes.
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