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  1. its a good way if you can supervise the inside part of your condo ...but most don't...they buy a place that looks fancy and after a while they discover the flaws...plus every month u need to pay that management fees and if something happens u need to fix it urselve anyway...taking in account the low standards of most things thailand the non availability of skilled workers / craftsmen u very likely be stuck with a work that is substandard .... if with the rental something goes wrong ( new neighbour chinese opens a gambling den, a brothel or a indian hotel = 3 men in every bed ) u out in no time...try to sell a semi devastated place with hookers on every floor... good luck...the best: rent in a serviced appartement hotel ...make a long term lease.. three month etc.... ...all in ..no hassles electric or other bs....and if u wanna change pack and move...sure the rental money is gone but u are free at all times no strings attached
  2. too expensive, too small and breaking down fast...once u bought it new in the cause of two three years most things in the building break...i remember the new one that i rented just build out of the plastic ( the furniture ) soon after i moved in many issues, once even the building was partly flooded..etc etc...a year later i took the same room and then the ac was leaking under the wall....the landlord bought it new...my tip don't buy condos its a gamble..and thais dont wanna buy second hand...so once u have it u might be stuck for a long time...the only positive...u can own it legally and the infrustructure is nice ( free gym, swimming pool etc etc )
  3. open now...or become an economy like somalia, syria,venezuela myanmar central african republic bangladesh etc etc ...poor, corrupt ,violent and crime ridden...with a negative economical spin u never get out... thai lives of tourist bhat...mostly ...officially 22 percent in real i guess 50 percent...cheap rice is cheaper elsewhere and I dont see any inventions near or far...any thai elon musk..?.or a thai bill gates..?? .dont think so...so they stuck w. the falangs...and it works as long as sx is cheap... the factory's moved to cambodia etc... alternative eco tourism..??.not really...cheap charlies en masse ( with a few expections ) preferable from china... a type who dont give a shit if nature dies...cause they throw their plastic everywher etc...( anyway in good company with the average thai ...the forest burner ) and the good old pttaya crowd...millions of young pu...ys for rent a permanent stream of income for the generals... hold high the traditions...thats why ...now covid ...a game changer ???
  4. with sinovac this will never happen...cause once they all vaccinated with the general first choice of making extra money they will discover that they all received covid
  5. well than its not a fake..change the label to leeevvi and u are good to go
  6. good concept if the vaccine would work...which it does NOT see here : https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-vaccines/Hundreds-of-Thai-medical-workers-infected-despite-Sinovac-vaccinations this are the facts regarding vaccination hard facts for the fearful lot conclude: THIS vaccine is BS just developed to make the boss some money from kickbacks...
  7. what a jerk...maybe he come to senses in a thai jail...a lifetime visa with no strings attached...this also will work wonders as a fat reducing measurement...cause if he takes too much space in the mass cell he might receice a regular evening beating.. means all his other hundred cellmates have a go on the american sandbag...voila idiots...
  8. ok, visitors,guards, external stuff, or on a product that got delivered ...( virus can stick on any surface and be infective for a long time ) i guess visitors or stuff they bring...cause a test is costly only free if really sic...so thousands of undedected all around the place......many ways really...
  9. https://www.lrwc.org/thailand-supreme-court-clears-andy-hall-in-natural-fruit-case/ hope he got the funds...doubt it as a sheppard
  10. now the cramped inhuman prison conditions are falling back to thai society...an endless loop... 1.)infected 2.) at the best develope antibody's and survive it 3.) long covid ( open end ) officially recovered in real a broken down body and mind half of what he was capable before 4.) antibody's fade in 3 to 6 month so a new infection can and will happen... repeat..with vaccine spare 2.) only maybe ( there are people who dont develope antibody's)... spare 3 ) also maybe cause in Israel now thousands in ICU with two shots of pfitzer because of maybe 4.) a lot of maybes what helps to stop the spread is distance only ( a logic ) ..now add cramped prison condition, too few tests, the general level of corruption etc..to the thai equation and u know where thailand is heading with covid... believing in sandbox...sinovac...and tourist industry dreams and plans is like believing in a fairy tale... conclude: LOS is definitely done the next 50 years..the FUTURE.at best a self sufficient agricultural society see medivial asia / europe...a king rules from far away..( from nice switzerland ) .the masses drowned in pandemics of many kinds and the repeatedly occuring famines ( when climate change show his ugly face )
  11. i hope he win the case...but does anyone remember when a falang win in a thai court the last time ?..i cant ..and now he goes against the thai government...must be careful that they dont charge him with laise majesties or revoke his visa....thailand has a crooked thirld world country system based on rich rule - poor serve and all squeeze the falang...human rights , anti discrimination etc..etc...ah i remember these fairy tales ...even in europe they are not everywhere applied but better than in the usa ( at least for rich whites over there ) and NEVER in los....but gd.luck anyway
  12. well the chinese put in some small change...later when its open again the triades bring in the girls from mainland...change all to red light chinese style and only serve chinese weekenders....pty as its known today goodbye...I always thought foreigners cannot own land in LOS...well chinese triades are prayuts dearest friends...same same but different
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