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  1. There you go again with your idiotic, unfounded claims about medical professionals " who've lost their medical licence indefinitely due to fraud and malpractice"! Where is your evidence to support your "claims"?! You are obviously "stupid enough" to just accept the interpretation that you are fed by YOUR choice of self-styled experts. For the edification of all, please list ALL your qualifications in the field of medicine and virology that allows you to make such profound statements about this "virus" and to allow you to ridicule anybody who doesn't agree with your distorted version of "the facts"?!
  2. And what do you expect from untested, experimental, poisonous, gene therapy inoculations? Gold stars, maybe?
  3. Why do these morons allow themselves to be inoculated with these untested, experimental poisons without actually thinking about what will happen to them afterwards?! You are obviously the "house brick" in this case!!
  4. Precisely!! But the vaxxers will NEVER be able to understand that and will keep on with their irrational, primordial fear in the mistaken belief that the poisonous jabs are the answer! Deluded, much.
  5. An even wiser man said that the RT-PCR test are, and always have been worthless as a test for a virus. Even the inventor stated that!
  6. The WHOLE inoculation program is questionable and pointless. It is entirely for CONTROL!
  7. But smallpox was NOT a manufactured virus like "covid" and the vaccinations were not untested, experimental, gene therapy inoculations as are the current batch of poisons. You are comparing chalk and cheese, bro. And unlike the other later "viruses" like H1N1, tika virus, swine flu, HIV, etc., Fauci wasn't involved, pushing his poison barrow!
  8. It's the vaxxed ones that are causing the breakthrough infections.
  9. Rubbish! It is the inoculations that are causing the breakthrough infections because the vaxxed idiots are shedding spike proteins and infecting everybody! Try and keep up with the FACTS.
  10. NONE of this plandemic crap is based on logic OR scientific FACT!! The whole thing is a fraud headed by WHO, CDC, Gates, Fauci and Soros!! Plenty of people have swallowed all this "covid" bullshit, hook, line and sinker, face napkins, fake tests, untested, experimental gene therapy jabs and all!
  11. Absolutely correct! The tests are all bullshit anyhow, and always have been, and are only being used to keep this scam going! Along with the fake "covid death" numbers, they are just another method to scare the shit out of the vax mad covidiots even more that they already are.
  12. They've certainly got you brainwashed! " Every single country that has implemented a full lockdown has achieved the sole objective of bringing case numbers down." Absolute garbage! The lockdowns ONLY purpose is to piss people off unnecessarily and does nothing toward "bringing case numbers down"! If you were HONEST with yourself you would see that they do NOTHING!
  13. ALL the independent, qualified, scientific and medical experts worldwide have already identified this plandemic for what it really is!! A scam!
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