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  1. The ordinary people of Thailand have been in trouble ever since this clown grabbed power back in 2014. Please do take a day off in fact take them all off and give the country a chance.
  2. Pictures of 5 people queuing to use the same syringe spring to mind...
  3. Hard to believe numbers but with only 20% of a dose being used in Phucket the numbers will soon go up.....
  4. Ditto to my post for Saturday covid figures. Meaningless figures when not accompanied by testing numbers. They might as well stop testing and say covid is gone.
  5. Meaningless figures when not accompanied by testing numbers. They might as well stop testing and say covid is gone.
  6. What a pathetic attempt at mass testing. From 25,000 planned to an actual of just 4,000. Was it the number of positive results coming in that stopped the testing early or the lack of secure placings to hide them all. Either way not added to the official covid count. Worse figures than most Red Zones.
  7. Totally agree Non this year and a much reduced number in the future.
  8. Yes you're nearly right but they are paying enough attention to stick Thailand on their Red Zone listings, a level of trust in the Thai government perhaps...
  9. Rumour was that they was going to mix it with whiskey in a shot glass and just let you drink it. However some bright spark pointed out group gatherings involving alcohol are illegal.....
  10. Once again the RTP are at the forefront of another scandal including money and extortion. No real surprise there then...
  11. First mix and match with vaccines. Now only 20% of a true dose to be used as booster shots to their failed vaccine of choice. Folly after folly, are they leading the world with leaps forward in vaccine use or just fooling the Thai people. One things sure they aren't fooling themselves off any Red Zone listings anytime soon.
  12. Uncle Peanut will have none of that nonsense they are all well above the laws of the land. They make the laws to control others not themselves.
  13. One thing they don't need to copy is the releasing of horrible viruses to infect the world. They are the masters of that......
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