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  1. Exactly. Make it easy for tourists to come, not more difficult. Vaccinated tourists do not want to spend 15 days in QTine, or pay for 3 tests, and spend an inordinate amount of time and money to apply for COEs, and Visas. Make it easy, Consulates should be given authority to deal with all visa types, and COE should be abolished or at least modified and simplified.
  2. That is not an optimistic message. An optimistic message would have been we cannot expect much, with the targets and rules we have set, in the current scenario, where the whole world has suffered, but we will try to make our plan as attractive as possible. What happened was spinning a fairytale.
  3. The thing is, sometimes Mike comes across as trying to push forward some sort of agenda, in a rather belligerent way. (Like when he said it is basically no biggie to deal with the extra hoops we need to jump through, and extra paperwork we have to fill out to get to the sandbox - IMO he was talking rubbish.) Even when I agree with what he is saying, he does come across as too aggressive. Perhaps it is a defensive attitude :) He is getting better than his first couple of appearances though.
  4. Sometimes I think it's just to make news. To have something to talk about. It's better than to think that it's a slight mis-calculation.
  5. This is so shameful! I find it deplorable, shocking and atrocious that the hospital tried to cover this up. Hippocratic vs Hypocritic
  6. Yes, if you return to the UK after 4am Monday 30 August.
  7. I believe Thailand has been on the EU red list since mid-July. Possibly the EU market is bigger than the UK market, no? Also in a lot of EU countries, hotel quarantine has to be 14 days.
  8. Exactly. Also, the visa and associated charges to obtain it are obviously non-refundable. :(
  9. Just watched Thailand News Today, and heard @mikekennersay that it's basically no big deal, to deal with the extra paperwork and the extra hoops we need to jump through to get to the sandbox. Well I disagree big time. I am a Maltese resident, an island where we have 90%+ of the eligible population vaccinated. So before, I could go to the consulate in Malta, get a visa, buy my ticket and fly to Thailand. Now the local consul is not dealing with visas, and we are being told to get a visa from Greece, so I need to send my passport (through a travel agent probably), to Greece, hope that all goes well with the application - in another country, with a different language - wait for the passport - hopefully I will get it back within a reasonable time frame, then fill in a COE, which I hope will get approved, seeing as how I would have already spent a chunk of Euros on the visa and courier, then scramble to buy a ticket. (I'm not even mentioning the booking of the superfluous PCR tests, or the extra expense for that). I will have to have perfect time management skills and a certain amount of luck to pull it all off perfectly, and also spend a chunk of extra money, and @mikekennerthinks this is no big deal? !!! Add to that the fear that someone on the flight tests positive, and tell me that I'm making a big deal of it!! Or am I missing something???
  10. From the article 'don’t take (statues or) pictures of the Buddha outside Thailand. It’s illegal, and you can get a hefty fine if you insist on doing so without special permission.' Not sure I understand this. No pictures of Buddha?
  11. It is easier to find 100 people willing to buy an apple at 10c, than it is to find 5 people willing to buy an apple at $100 IMO. I guess refusing to buy at unfair prices would get the message across eventually.
  12. Thank you Faz. Another question, if I may? Is it possible to enter Thailand with a one-way ticket if holding an OA visa for 1 yr pls?
  13. If entering with an OA 1 yr visa, and travelling around Thailand, what happens regarding 90-day reporting obligations? Can these be filed in different offices around Thailand? I often see posts lamenting that the online system is down.
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