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  1. This whole low risk nonsens is just laughable. Why should someone from certain countries take one PCR test at arrival and others take two PCR while in Thailand? Is it really that much differance between two countries when you are required to be vaccinated? I am starting to wonder how stupid some thai politicians really are?
  2. No, but it surely doesnt send out a good signal too potential travellers.. You really wanna buy that ticket now or maybe put your money on another horse for your long awaited vacation.
  3. Just so that you get your facts correct. The crushing majority of the women in the bars and gogos are not victims of trafficking. It would be an exception that abargirl is traficked. Please stop spreading leftist lies. I live in Sweden and this country is full of them. The left is spreading exagerations and sometimes pure lies about traficking and prostitution. Try too be factual. Ever heard of the boy that cried wolf? The day the wolf really came.. Go check the bars and gogos for yourself. And see what you find. But hey.. Maybe you already have :) Hipocracy and the left has a long history by now. We see it here too, a former leader of the left-party in Sweden got caught with tax evasion.. yes thats right, tax evasion!
  4. Does anyone know where this obsession about "high-quality tourists" comes from? Its like almost all the other tourists that come there are some sort of low class trash that only want too buy sex. The problem is that in some of the bars etc you have all sorts of people. Some have lots of money too spend. The image of a low-class dirty old man paying for sex seems too be a a conception amongst some thais.
  5. Vaccinated tourists are not a threat when you take into consideration that the disease is already loose in the society. I can not understand what is so hard to understand about this? What is this really about? What is the cost going to be for the goverment before they change thier minds on this issue?
  6. Crazy doublestandards. Why is not the goverment in Thailand equally diligent on making the country safer and arresting corrupt police officers that murder people in thier work?
  7. We all learn to take things for granted that have been to easy for a long time. Thats true for all peoples and cultures.
  8. Too me this whole thinking of "lets get the rich tourists over here" does not make any sense at all. Where does this thinking come from? And why are they so certain they will get rich tourists coming too all of Thailands tourist places? There are many places competing for rich tourists, why would they suddenly choose Thailand or Bali? Is there even enough of them for this? I have never heard Greece or Spain talking about this..? Where on earth does this thinking come from?!?!?
  9. 3 PCR-tests are a big problem because its just bullshit and not needed. Based on an extreme desire to control covid while the disease is loose inte the country. Im not going to pay 350 dollars extra for just coming too Thailand. No way
  10. Is there any research on the topic behind this decision? This is silly, why should drinking some beer or wine too your meal increase the spread of corona.
  11. Those women make alot more money than they would otherwise make and its not try that they are "raped". No one is forced to work in those bars. And the image of the women as suffering and forced is not accurate. Its very easy for people to talk shit about this whole buisness without knowing the facts ot ever been involved in it and actually meet the people working there. No its not trafficking. You dont know what trafficking is. This type of buisness is something the left loves lying about and making myths about. "Human Trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of people through force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them for profit. " Source - https://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/human-trafficking/human-trafficking.html This is not what is going on in nightwish bars. Women are free to leave whenever they choose too.
  12. I think a Pattaya sandbox will be more succesfull than a Phuket sandbox. The reason is that Pattaya is the worlds no.1 in what it does and many want too return. There is no place in the world that can match Pattaya. As long as alchohol is permitted i think it will work.
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