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  1. If you have lived long enough in Thailand you will realize if they throw bums out you'll eventually get a new set of bums in. Nothing changes. Either democratic horse trading or junta horse trading. The trading stays the same, only players change.
  2. I personally believe a Javelin is the best choice for a missile for your normal car trips requiring missiles but M47 Dragon is also a solid choice. A little old but still good.
  3. I'd bet if these high horse resident whiners against any opening and tourists coming in were to cut off their funding from abroad because of COVID they would demand opening all up by next month!
  4. 15 minutes in a same room is enough for spreading but hours in a crowded aluminium tube is supposedly "good". Luckily, the cheap charlie, drunken party going, unsophisticated unvaccinated virus is scared of flying!
  5. That is pure BS, you have not really done your homework with this. Pandemic viruses always eventually progress towards milder versions because that way it wins the race against deadlier mutants that kill the hosts. Killed host means no more pathways forward for spreading while the milder version could infect 5-10 people more and so on. That milder version also provides immunity against the deadlier one. But leaky vaccines could lead to deadlier mutants because it guides the virus evolution to a different pathway, instead of that of milder versions. Marek's vaccine with chickens for example.
  6. If we use the same "what about if it is somebody you know"-logic with traffic accidents nobody would be allowed to drive in Thailand. 22000 deaths per year. Economies cannot shutdown like this without even worse consequences in the long term. A lot of Thais are already indebted heavily just to stay afloat. A lot of people are flat out broke and becoming more desperate each passing day.
  7. To the contrary, Thailand will become at best a cheap touristy destination for the low income Chinese with packet tours. The interest towards Thailand in the West is waning, nothing like it was 10-15 years ago.
  8. Smoky season so bad during winters, maybe reconsider some other place. Like Phuket or Hua Hin.
  9. About 1500 Thais die every day so 100 extra, mostly elderly and already quite weak would not make much difference. This is overwhelmingly the pandemic of elderly, over 60 years olds.
  10. If you have risk factors like being overly obese or diabetes or hypertension or you are over 60 then take it. The Nordic countries just this week suspended Moderna vaccine for people or at least males under 30, because of heart inflammation issues, so there is a clear risk-benefit age limit with these vaccines.
  11. Last year Thais had more money, Q1 had international tourists until late February and still only 482 billion Baht. This year at least 20 percent less income on average and a lot of service industry people no income at all. They might visit a local national park, maybe go see some elephants and visit the local temple (for better luck with money 555) but that is about it. To the contrary, maybe 300 billion at best because they are cutting on spending big time. All the touristy towns have a lot of houses available for rent. Sometimes almost whole streets full of empty houses. A lot of Thais went back to the family farms in the north.
  12. Seven days in quarantine, seven days in jail for being a bad Covid spreading dirty farang and one day holiday!
  13. There is no discrepancy between cases and deaths. 20K cases and 200 deaths, 10K cases and 100 deaths. CFR is about one percent, mostly over 70 years old. This wave is fading, each wave is about 3 months. Thailand might be actually doing pretty well in testing because in factories, offices and in homes they test everybody nearby if a case pops up or a hospitalization. In the West it is more or less voluntarily.
  14. "Stop thinking, government knows the best!". Obedient little sheep. They could jab you up with whatever poison and all you would say, thank you, sir, may I have another?
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