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  1. Remind you of the 1690's in the US? Puritanical Quaker type cleansing of the land? Gonna be a real hit with the 65,000 tourists who will show up for the remaining two months of the year, in what is normally "high season". Might as well call it "the Prayuth regression".
  2. About the only thing the Thai government can influence, is asking the "Corruption commission" to not investigate one of it's own.
  3. Car sales are near zero right now. They think the economy will recover overnight. Alot of silly dreamers out there, who are completely detached from reality. Manufacturing might do OK, but domestic car and truck sales will drop dramatically here, and remain sluggish for a few years to come. The economy is utterly decimated. Thanks Prayuth. Nice work.
  4. You are making the natural assumption that they want us here. I do not think that is the case, reflected by one policy implementation, after another. I think they would be happy if we all cleared out. Tens of thousands have already left, and according to a lawyer friend in Bangkok, tens of thousands are making arrangements to leave. The overall quality of life has declined here, it is more expensive than in the past, the government is as toxic and obnoxious, as they have ever been, and Covid has knocked alot of the luster off the place, in my opinion. I know alot of guys do not like hearing this, and there is nothing wrong with staying. But, we will have to continue to battle the authorities for the foreseeable future. Their xenophobia knows no bounds. Perhaps ex-pats should be given a bit more credit, in this formula? We do bring in alot of stable income. Even the rural folks benefit. Alot of the nicer houses in the poorer farming areas were built with money from expats. Alot of trucks, cars and income is from expats. Countless business employing many. To say it is insignificant, is a blatant misunderstanding of Thai economics. Thousands of hotels, restaurants, countless airlines and many tour companies, also benefit. By comparison, an average ex-pat spends how much per month? I would say alot of us spend 50,000 to upwards of 100,000 baht a month. I know I do. No value in that? I know some live on less. However, since the average GDP of the nation is around $570, that means about 18,000 baht a month? It seems to mean nothing to the gazillionaires in charge.
  5. Classic. What a lousy president. Maybe 43th? Only Harrison, and Jackson were worse?
  6. Correct. A lifetime abusing people on any level possible. His level of self absorbtion and self importance was matched by very few. No question he participated in Putin sponsored orgies. Epstein too, very possible. Did the man have the restraint to say no? Were they underage? Knowing Putin, and his background, Kompromat comes to mind. Videotaped for future use. Trump was a tool for Vlad.
  7. Would be really fun to see him do time. Party time! Karma is a funny thing. He would likely transcarnate as a Thai soi dog.
  8. Good work. Finally ASEAN does something productive, and puts the welfare of people over commerce! The pathetic despots are being held to account, by someone. It must have come as a real shock to be shunned by ASEAN. Probably the last place in the world, they expected criticism. Anything that can be done to put pressure on the billionaire street urchin creeps, is a good thing.
  9. This is a man who was involved in 3,600 lawsuits, at the time he took office. He has made a fortune using the court system, to weasel out of billions in debt. This lowlife will do anything to avoid paying a bill to a small contractor. If only his devotees really knew who he was, they would collapse in shame for their unwavering support of this worm. He still cannot wrap his very small mind around the fact that he is a loser, and no longer president. Hah! Little Don, you are now nearly a nobody. Few care about you anymore. Your base is dwindling by the day. The thing you detest most in life has come to pass. Mr. Irrelevance is now your name.
  10. Finally, the pathetic despots are being held to account, by someone. It must have come as a real shock to be shunned by ASEAN. Probably the last place in the world, they expected criticism. Anything that can be done to put pressure on the billionaire street urchin creeps, is a good thing.
  11. I am so glad I do not buy into any of this nonsense. A friend of mine was trying to tell me how much of a celebrity a guy he knows is, due to his following on youtube. Then I watched Brian Johnson's brilliant "Life on the road", about rock stars, with episode one being a great interview with Roger Daltry. Now, that is celebrity. More like Rock Gods. Or Demi-Gods. Youtube, social media, etc? Wannabe celebrity. That is all that is.
  12. Weigh the risk of re-opening with the risk of 20-40% long term, sustained unemployment, dramatically rising suicide rates, and a crippled economy that might take 7 years to recover. Extreme cowardice comes at a very high price. The 1% are doing well. And the rest?
  13. It is quite pathetic that the one time "Tiger of SE Asia", has been reduced to a rabid, anemic, skinny, alley cat, dependent on donations from nations who are showing the sickly animal some pity. And it mostly comes down to a stunning lack of planning and foresight, a heinous health minister who did not take Covid seriously, and really bad leadership. Woe is Thailand.
  14. Guys like Thira are both cowards and fear mongers. Lock him up? ASAP. Millions are out of work. Does he care one iota? Apparently not. His type just feed the fear of the rabid anti Vax devotees. Do they not realize how boring and listless their paranoid diatribes are? I have friends who rant and rant about the extreme hazards of vaccines. All of a sudden they are experts with years of studies to back them up. LOL. Just man up and get the damn thing already. Your world will not end by doing something to benefit society. It is referred to as a sacrifice, if you don't like vaccines.
  15. Time to scrap all restrictions for ALL vaccinated folks. Put the people back to work. Stop the sadism and destruction already.
  16. So, why is she still your friend? The beautiful thing about friendship, is that it is a completely voluntary relationship. There is no compulsion. Even if you have known someone for decades, the friendship has to continue to be of value to both of you, in order for it to be meaningful, and justify it's existence. Friendships are living, breathing things, and they evolve, or devolve over time. Perhaps, it is time to be a bit more discriminating in picking and choosing your friends, and be more kind to yourself? Is this person worthy of your friendship?
  17. Anything takes this government by surprise. The "we don't plan" and "we have no vision" squad is nearly always unprepared. That is just how they roll. Emergencies interrupt their police protection rackets, and their profit making ability.
  18. The stupidity continues. Why go after the real criminals, when you can extract all sorts of cash from innocents, enjoying a laugh and a beer? Beer does not cause covid. Stupidity, bad policy, ineffective partial shutdowns, highly selective lockdowns, a badly planned vaccination policy, allowing the army bases to remain open, allowing the canning plants and construction sites to remain open, and incompetence causes covid to spread. The people are not to blame. 90% of the covid cases in Thailand are a direct result of the stunningly poor leadership of Prayuth and Anutin.
  19. You want tourists to spend more? I have a novel idea. Make some sacrifices you cowards! Reduce the luxury tax to 25%, and you attract rich tourists who buy high end stuff. Reduce the wine tax to 60%, and millions buy good wine. Use your brains. Stop ranting, and start acting.
  20. And so? Would he find compassion from any of us? Would anyone mourn his death, or beating? There is even a possibility his mother is relieved he has finally been nabbed. Imagine raising this monster?
  21. It was not only known, it was condoned. One of Prayuth's primary tasks is to shelter and protect the most corrupt in Thailand.
  22. Prayuth, Pratin, Anutin, Phiphat, and the mafia chief Prompow must go. These guys are toxic, corrosive, corrupt, ineffective, incompetent, untrustworthy, very bad for the nation, and virtually assure a rotten future for the nation, a drop to 75th place in GDP, and increasing irrelevance. They have already turned Thailand from the tiger of SE Asia, to a sorry, rabid, whiny, anemic alley cat. They are despised like never before. Things have changed so dramatically in the past few years, and especially since the Covid failures here. I do not think anything applies from the past, anymore. I have never seen the Thai people so angry, disappointed, frustrated, hungry, disenfranchised and scared. When this disease passes, the fools are gone, baby gone. Like the wind. There will be no holding the people back. No tanks, no soldiers, no guns. Nothing will prevent a positive change from happening. Prior to announcing the construction sites clusters will be closed, would it not have made sense to have had a plan in place, to deal with the workers, test them, and determine how many needed to be quarantined? What kind of defective, intellectually incapacitated leadership makes a plan like this due to Covid infections, and then makes no provisions to lock down the sites long enough to determine who is infected? And then allow thousands of super spreaders to exit Bangkok, and travel throughout the nation? Are they deliberately trying to sabotage any chances of recovery? Or, are they really and truly this inept, and this unable to lead, effectively? If the latter is true, Prayuth and Anutin are the two most dangerous people in Thailand right now. Where is the hope? Where is the promise of a better future? With a country that is being so badly mismanaged, and an economy that is being destroyed and sabotaged before our eyes, one can easily become despondent. How will things change, if the youth is not even allowed to show dissent? How to get rid of the dinosaurs once and for all. And unlike in the past, there is absolutely no moral leadership of any kind here anymore. Very sad. For those of us lucky enough to have a steady income, it is sad, but we live good lives. My heart really goes out to most of the Thai people. Their lives are being crushed. Woe is Thailand. The people are going to have to "dispose of" these sabateur clowns, before their nation drops to 125th in the world in GDP, down towards Burundi, South Sudan, Somalia, Niger and Afghanistan. The pride of SE Asia? Once, maybe. Before they made the historic and monumental mistake of letting the Thai army destruction crew take over. There is a price to be paid for many decisions made in this life. Letting these junkyard dogs in, and allowing them to stay, is coming at a very high cost for this nation. Power to the youth! VICTORY to the youth! May the dinosaurs be exorcised from Thailand!
  23. How about slacking the army budget in half? What are they doing with all that money anyway? What purpose do they serve? They should have been used to protect the borders for the past 21 months. Would have given them both training, and something to do. Is the army here as thoroughly useless as the administration?
  24. Prayuth and this administration are the do nothing people. Their sole purpose is to protect the elite, the super rich, corporations, the police, immigration, customs, and those currently in power. Nothing else matters to these dinosaurs. Will this guy be convicted? I doubt it. And Thailand will pay the price for this failed regime for years to come. Woe are the people of Thailand. These creeps justly deserve all the criticism, humiliation and shame that can be heaped upon them.
  25. NO. You do not have the right to do things that are illegal here, just because they are legal in the US. But, if they are illegal here, and also there, the US can ask for extradition, and can try you in the US, for crimes you committed here. It is typically applied to sex crimes, and often applied to statutory rape. I have heard this from several attorneys, both here and in the US. It is a fact. Sometimes, a country will extradite a citizen back home to face charges. For instance, the U.S. will do this for anyone who has committed or allegedly committed underage sex with a minor. It really depends on the severity of the crime. The big take-away here: do your research before you travel. We highlight some very serious crimes here, but it's also crucial to be aware of different cultural norms abroad, as those can often translate over to different laws than your home country. https://www.seeker.com/can-americans-be-arrested-for-breaking-us-law-overseas-1792700202.html
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