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  1. Lockdowns work, if they are done correctly. A Prayuth/Anutin style lockdown never has worked. What about the road blacks that were promised? 88 of them, if I remember the top cop creep bragging. If anything or anyplace should have been locked down, it should have been all highways and roads leading OUT of Bangkok. DUH! You don't impose all these sadistic restrictions on the common man, and then avoid taking the simplest and most sensible precautions. Prayuth should apologize to the nation. I know I should have closed the canning plants, and I know I shouldn't have warned the construction workers that I would be closing the sites a week in advance, allowing them to travel everywhere around the nation, and contributing dramatically to the 3rd wave. Wow. What a stupid thing I did. And I know, I should have been more diligent with the borders, I should have cracked down on corrupt immigration officials, and kept my promise to fight corruption, and I should have used my army soldiers for something. Anything. I forget there are 550,000 of them. They would have been perfect for controlling the border. And they would have actually been doing something to benefit the people and they would have been protecting the nation, for a change. I also forget that is why we have soldiers. How very dumb of me. It appears I am nowhere near as smart as I think I am. I do realize I should have and could have done better.
  2. Aswin is one of the nations true cowards. Despite Bangkok being the epicenter of Covid in Thailand, and despite the fact that the incoming tourists would be the ones taking a huge risk by coming here, he wants to continue to punish, cripple, sabotage and destroy tourism and the local economy. What can one even say?
  3. Enforcement and arrests of current officials is not exactly a Thai strong suit. These bills are good, but mean nothing if there is no enforcement. No doubt the heinous leaders have made several critics disappear. So, does that make the PM a serial killer? Possibly.
  4. Much is being made of the high rate of cases in Phuket. But last I checked, over 8000 cases, and under 100 foreigners with Covid. So, why the hesitation? Why the extreme cowardice, when the Thais and Burmese are obviously the Zombies, taking the lower quality vaccines and coming into Phuket from cluster sites?
  5. What they have left is little to nothing. Not a high end destination for wealthy people, like they see in their fantasies and false glorification sessions. If they get rid of alot of the nightlife, I will reduce my tourist arrival predictions from 1.5 million in 2022, to 800,000, with no restrictions. And by 2026, without any covid nonsense to deal with, I would reduce my forecast of 5 million annually, to 3 million. Mostly Chinese, Indian and Malaysian. And mostly low spenders. Thousands of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and other spots would end up closing, drawing out the economic recovery for many, many years. Do the billionaire leaders care? Likely not.
  6. It appears to me that there was a deliberate sabotage of the tourism industry here. And if that is the case, the most likely reason is to eliminate the nightlife. No doubt the fake puritan leaders consider it offensive. But what is a tourist destination without nightlife? The dreaming continues. These ministries consider Thailand to be the center of the universe. The world cannot live without Thailand. The level of superiority within Thailand and Thai society on so many levels is obvious. The world sees that, right? No. Wrong. The world can live without that which Thailand has to offer. And the world is a different place, post Covid. Tourism was already in decline here based on occupancy levels over the past several years, and declining tourism income, despite higher arrivals. Now? The industry will be decimated for a long time to come. Trillions of dollars have been invested in tourism infrastructure, with the faith and the hope that should anything terrible happen, the government would be there, they would step in and they would do something to assist and to help both Thais and international companies that have invested vast amounts of money. Instead what are they getting? Absolutely nothing, sheer timidity and an extreme and pathetic lack of courage and a do nothing attitude.
  7. Without meaning to sound too cold, or indifferent to someone's pain and suffering, the fact is Darwin was correct, and some just do not have great survival skills. And some let their intellects, or their paranoia, or their fears get in the way of good sense and precautions. If a kindergartner is courageous enough to take a vaccine before starting school, what does that say about an adult who is too scared? Low vaccination rate, elevated case counts. Fairly basic stuff, but a strong intellect can twist that into many different scenarios, and create some truly bizarre explanations.
  8. Correct. Every department in the US, with a 3 letter acronym is toxic, over reaching, and operates beyond their mandate. The FDA, CDC, FBI, DOI, NHS, ICE, etc.
  9. What can one even say? He sounds like a poorly adjusted prude of some sort. Maybe a virgin, or an ecclesiastical student, trying to remain celibate? No matter, people like this simply need to be ignored. Suspending him was a bit nuts. Panda seems to be fairly reactionary, and very weak, when it comes to PC stuff.
  10. But my liberty. My freedom. Nobody can make me do anything! Most of these nitwits would not know liberty if it hit them up the side of the head. It is all one big excuse, to be less courageous than a kindergartner.
  11. Smart decision. Refusing to take a vaccine, to benefit society and bring society back, is about as sensible as believing the earth is flat. Imagine making a sacrifice for your country? What a concept. These same people who drape themselves with a false flag of patriotism, would wet their pants if they were ever asked to truly protect their nation or serve in any manner. They use the terms liberty and freedom as if they really understood the concept of either. Alot of Americans have strange notions about the vaccine. And since 97% of new Covid cases are from people who are NOT vaccinated, these notions seem to be misplaced, and likely very unscientific. And all of this is coming from someone who is NOT a VAX guy. But, does there not come a time when you have to set your personal notions aside for the greater good? Like Laura Osnes who was fired from her Broadway show for refusing to take a vaccine, even though the entire cast and crew were vaccinated. She is likely a fan of Tucker Carlson, the disinformation chief of America. He is being spectacularly selfish, not thinking of anyone but herself, and is showing a stunning lack of patriotism in the process. This one is not for you Laura. Ever thought about the possibility that something in this universe is not about Laura, but about the "good of society"? Has that thought ever entered your vapid head for one moment? Even a fleeting nanosecond? A kindergartener has to have some vaccines before being allowed into school, pandemic or not. I know you think you're being brave by doing this based on a "principle," but are you at least as brave as a kindergartener? Perhaps Darwin was right. A friend of mine was invited to a baby shower in the US. They sent me this message. Melanie is invited to a baby shower where both the mommy to be and her husband are determined anti-Vaxxers. Everybody going to the party has been vaccinated. The host is requiring all guests, who have already been vaccinated, to take a Covid test before they come because they have not been vaccinated and won’t do so. Huh? Because of your stubborn sense of entitlement, you want every guest to get tested before coming? America the beautiful. LOL. Maybe some sort of penalties are needed. No flying within the US without a vaccination. No crossing state borders? No going to school or work? All fine by me.
  12. And 60 plus nations agree with you, and are reaping the tourism dollars. Thailand the timid coward is not. The Thais are the Zombies now.
  13. If they are so willing to close these wet markets, why not the canning plants, which are cranking out dozens of new cases a day? Someone wealthy own them, and able to make the right phone call? This is one of my primary beefs about the shutdowns. They are highly selective, and selective shutdowns simply do not work.
  14. Closer to 99% of the cases to date in Phuket, since the sandbox started, at Thai nationals. What does that say, and how much of an indictment of the punitive and highly restrictive tourism program, is that?
  15. No doubt this horrific non leader has to go. He is at the very bottom of the barrel. Thailand could not do any worse, if Sorn the plumber was leading the nation. Or Ali G., for that matter. However, the first thing the Thai people have to accomplish is to get rid of this toxic constitution. Then get rid of the spectacularly corrupt and highly immoral 250 proxy senators, then the army leadership. Only then, can Thailand have any hope of moving forward, and avoiding the abyss of poverty, disease, the rot of corruption, bad cops, a total lack of public and traffic safety, being the laughing stock of the planet, and the continued fouling of the environment., by the heinous fools pretending to run the nation. Running it into the ground, is more like it.
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