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  1. Actually arrest warrants are out for all seven and four are in custody according to press report/video.
  2. And for a long treatment - not only very expensive, a danger and a real PIA to use IMHO, and results may not be that good. The Aldara is single use pak but can be used a few times for small areas to save a few baht. It seems to be a popular treatment in Oz but in old age would prefer nitrogen burn myself (but my primary hospital does not offer - skin cancer treatment is not common for Thai so very few doctors have much, or any, real experience).
  3. Actually that was a third party with good reputation rather than Transferwise itself - yes a lot of us had heartburn when first asked - but transferwise never had access to password.
  4. Note Wise sent email today that ACH US transfer fee has been reduced - have not used or kept tract of costs so can not provide details but wonder if this would make a difference in above Push/Pull comparative costs? Wise is indeed good for normal monthly transfer sums.
  5. The general requirement for the TM7 form is as stated on form - 4x6cm. Normally anything close is accepted but should have been taken in current year (using last years may not fly). Bangkok and suspect most others also take a computer photo during processing. Home printing of photo on inkjet printer is fine (have been doing so for a decade here in Bangkok).
  6. The charged is a 27 year old Thai who lives in the area from recent reports.
  7. FTT is Bangkok Bank code for passbook entry - it is not a requirement - other banks may not use or use something else and there are alternative methods to document. But as income could be low and status of work questioned believe much better to be using 400k in bank account at this point for anyone from country not providing Embassy letter of income. As 400k is only tied up about 3 months a year much less effect than the new retirement rules.
  8. Moderna is a whole different ballgame. Pay for shots ordered privately. And very limited in number after long delay in approval process to even request. At this point only the government has any type of vaccine and many want sooner rather than later (especially if high risk) with the fast spread of Delta version.
  9. Was too late to edit it seems - so will add this. Edit: Believe many larger hospitals are also opening direct registration as vaccine becomes available so worth checking local facilities as things are looking better for shots this month.
  10. The original site is also open again for registrations for those over 60/or illness as of 0800 today (confirmed open) with AZ and Sino available at a number of hospitals (some outside Bangkok also). https://thailandintervac.com/
  11. 593 of the more than 33,000 active temples? So about 1.8%?
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