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  1. Has ANYONE gotten any useful information back or successful vaccination(s) from Expatvac?
  2. These "surveys" usually ask between 1 and 2 thousand folks (I imagine due to cost restrictions). This is hardly a good sample for the entire country, and bars are one of the venues usually in the crosshairs of those who would banish alcohol if they could.
  3. I've been itching to get back to see family on the west coast (San Francisco and Seattle) and have been watching EVA for some time. Round trip BKK to SFO has held steady at a little more than twice what it used to cost pre-Covid. For grins and giggles, I searched Japan Airline, and their prices are lower than EVA before Covid. Both comparisons based on round trip business class in early December, midweek departing and returning. Any ideas why such a lower price? How about quality of JAL vs EVA?
  4. And each traveler will need to spend 16 billion baht. All good!
  5. You forgot one part of that equation: more restrictions = less tourists = less Covid fewer restrictions = more tourists = more Covid Simple really.
  6. Lake Mabprachan was one of my regular bicycling routes. It was looking mighty dry. I imagine this will fix it a bit.
  7. I used to take scuba divers out on what is called "Discover Scuba" where you gave customers who had never been in scuba equipment mini-lessons on the boat going to the dive sites. First dive depth limit was 6 meters, second dive 12. I absolutely HATED Russian customers. Regardless of how much I drilled this into their heads, the instant they hit the water they were headed straight to the bottom of the sea. I had to grab the regulator at the top of the tank and fight them most of the dive.
  8. It will only get worse as conditions get more relaxed, but we already knew this.
  9. This is Dong Tan Beach, the extension of Jomtien Beach, Wednesday morning:
  10. You go right ahead and talk yourself and your co-conspirators into an early grave or lifelong hardships.
  11. Yes I do. The same arguments against Polio vaccinations are being used today.
  12. No, when I post something that is based on science and you disagree with it then that's "CCC" arena.
  13. It's not "every social injustice." It's not a conspiracy of healthcare workers around the planet joining with governments to enslave all the populace. It's a life threatening disease which has brought the world to its knees. The same thing happened with polio. "Vaccination has always been a lightning rod for storms brewing over other problems, as physiologist and science writer Jonathan Berman shows. The people who protested against mandatory smallpox vaccination in nineteenth-century England had previously led opposition to the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act, which proposed that unemployed people must labor in workhouses for food, often under conditions of exploitation, child labor and family separation. The protesters saw mandatory vaccination as a similar assault on poor people’s autonomy. After examining the rise of such opposition in England, Berman turns to the US experience in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries." https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02671-0 Eventually people came together to rid the earth of polio. I understand the mistrust of media which has a sordid past, especially over the last few decades, but c'mon - this stuff is killing people or leaving those who live through it without the vaccine devastating illnesses. We need to stop the senseless bickering and come together to beat this thing as history has shown us.
  14. Any further down this road I would suggest taking it to the CCC topic where all is taken for what it's worth.
  15. I'll give you one: https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2021/08/study-ties-covid-vaccines-lower-transmission-rates
  16. Actually there is plenty of scientific evidence supporting a lower transmission rate among the vaccinated. No actual evidence to the contrary - unless you have some at hand?
  17. And therein lies the problem in Thailand. The haphazard manner in which it's being handled is confusing everyone. I'm gonna get my 2nd Pfizer shot next week, a booster when it's time if available, and I'm still gonna stay home except for the absolute necessities until the actual numbers dictate otherwise.
  18. That is perfectly your choice. If there are two stores selling the same thing, one vax only customers and the other not, I will spend my money at the the vax only store.
  19. This is not correct, and we'll repeat it until it sinks in. Vaccinated people have a lower transmission rate. Please learn this, it's a fundamental requirement of understanding this pandemic.
  20. The problem is they're too easy to fake. It's already happening around the world - counterfeit Covid vaccination cards. BTW, you misspelled "Stoopid" - you got the "o's" mixed up.
  21. Yeah, I've heard the more R-Rated version. My understanding, based on years of working as a teacher for the largest school system in Southeast Asia - NOBODY DARES contradict those above them. Those hovering around the top of the food chain don't give a fig about truth. I've seen decisions that made no sense, and some times were physically impossible to accomplish, yet the wheels kept turning, the emperor's clothes looked just fine and dandy. Everybody just kept on smiling. The people making policies don't care, they just get brain farts, say "Make it so" and everyone scurries around trying to implement them the best they can. Up until now, their decisions didn't make much of a difference in my daily affairs. Now? They dictate just about every aspect of my life. Heavy sigh . . .
  22. I keep thinking we're in an endless session of Mario Go Kart but no one is at the wheel.
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