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  1. Tried to register with email address then got an error code, so tried again with same email system states email is registered, so no idea... looks liked system crashed.
  2. Suggest your comments are a little unfair "deserve all they get" without even knowing the reason why we had to come to Thailand, believe me I wouldn't have if there was any other choice, no way not a chance! Being here is a nightmare.
  3. So what about the people that are not in the sandbox but have just completed the mandatory 14 day quarantine, we've just been through all that once and all negative tests and documentation to prove it and paid thousands of dollars for the privilege, surely there must be some common sense approach applied here, this is just ridiculous, not once have a seen anything for tourists like myself who has met all the mandated quarantine hurdles.
  4. Well someone's not thought about this, I'm the same the app requires a minimum 9 digits for passport number and my passport has 8 so I'm going anyway, 3 weeks being stuck in Bangkok is enough lol
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