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  1. More lofty plans and nothing gets done, once again. Why would anyone still fall for these pathetic claims and empty promises by now? I always say greater than 90% of the general population have low intelligence.
  2. You are all wrong. I bet he was arrested not because of whatever the accusations were. He was arrested because he didn’t bribe any government official with sufficient good old brown envelopes. Typical Thailand.
  3. Soi Bintabaht is a real street with real individual stores. Plearn Wan was more like an tiny amusement park with artificial (very clean) street that looked like little stores or street vendors all lined up next to each other, but in reality they were all employed by the one company managing Plearn Wan. Domestic tourists loved going there to take photos and Instagram things. I thought it was an extremely boring attraction haha. Either way even if they open up Hua Hin right now, there would be years ahead for recovery. Too little too late. Small businesses failing means job loss, and rebuilding small businesses takes a very long time.
  4. I would like to point out the attraction pictured in this particular article was “Plearn Wan”, a small village shopping center in Hua Hin popular with domestic tourists meant to simulate the old times. Guess what? It is permanently closed as of now.
  5. And I condemn the Chinese Embassy. Oh also I condemn the Chinese Communist Part aka the Chinese mafia. How do you like that, Winnie poo-poo?
  6. Corrupt government, laws unfriendly towards foreigners, rampant fraud, and laws prohibiting anyone making negative comments about you-know-who/what, sounds like a perfect place for my next workation! Hint: I am not talking about China .
  7. I guess that upper limit of 90 or something before the government seriously considering revising the Sandbox was out of the window long time ago huh? What ingenious plans do they wanna come up with next? I simply can’t wait.
  8. How delusional? I am getting really bored already with these repeated articles about Thai people getting hopes up for the “next quarter”. I hope it’s some made up propaganda, otherwise it would mean some serious naivety and stupidity.
  9. All I can say is this guy has good taste in watch. Patek Philippe 5960 annual calendar chronograph in white dial and bracelet usually goes for $60,000 usd on the market. Curious a Thai policeman could afford that .
  10. Wow, what a shocker...how could it be?! I had no idea Pattaya would have problem reopening! .
  11. I have a question: Would it even be safe to travel to Phuket, not considering the virus risk? The entire island has been starved of any tourists for so long, and I can only imagine the money loving locals are just waiting for foreign preys to arrive and be devoured. Has robbery and crime rate climbed lately? Just curious. I know theft is extremely common.
  12. To me, this Covid thing over the past one and half year really exposed how idiotic and pathetic Thai politicians and Thai people in general are: extremely superficial and no substance. It’s all about the appearances...but what’s beneath the facade is a completely different story.
  13. Yeh yeh yeh, how many times has the Thai government been right about ANYTHING? Lol.
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