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  1. Dont care! Not when my life and car are put at risk by some numpty who is probably drunk at the wheel.
  2. MY rules for driving in Thailand: 1/.Honk your horn for a long blast at lunatics pulling out in front of you! 2/.Use the middle finger out of the window many times!! (or sounds like 'banker' gesture!) 3/.Use expletives like "You fricking A- hole" at the top of your voice with the window down so they can see and hear! 4/.Don't give way to anyone trying to push their way into moving traffic (see honking rules!) 5/.If being tailgated, slam the brakes on and put the living S@#t up them!
  3. I love the way they show a smiling black teacher from Africa! She wouldn't be smiling like that if she knew that racism against black foreign nationals (including teachers!!!) is rife here in Thailand! I KNOW!! We had a black teacher in our school who was paid 20,000 baht to teach English... great teacher.. no concerns over his ability! We, as westerners, were all receiving 38,000 + for doing the same job as he was!! SHOCKING!!! JUST BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK!!!
  4. Heyyyy! My country the UK... THE ELECTIONS ARE FREE AND FAIR!!! EVERYONE HAS 1 VOTE TO CAST and it's the PEOPLE who decide whether its TORY, LABOUR OR LIB DEM! Don't you dare start to criticize my country and it's electoral system! Everyone sees you on this forum always supporting the "Thai way!" That's up to you... but, please STOP when it comes to voicing your stupid opinions directed at other nationalities home countries!! HOW OFFENSIVE!!!
  5. $300 billion "Dollar" debt and imminent defaults... I kinda think they're screwed! Things like this will be replicated everywhere, post Covid! Here in Thailand, nothing is owned... all purchased on borrowed money with Thai people's greed to show off and try to be something they're not. I hope the Thai Banks feel the fall out too and start calling in some of their loans too!! That would be fun to watch!! https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/09/30/china-evergrande-crisis-why-it-matters.html
  6. Rotten to the core... just like the cops! Same same! Zero integrity but 100% when it comes to status, money and selfishness! Hey, its so nice to see the Buddhist values and teachings being adhered to.... freekin' hypocrites!!
  7. Oh, how I wish I was there... 12 x large size No. 1 eggs... splat all across his head and expensive suit... it has to be done!! PLEASE SOMEONE..!
  8. Yet Thailand’s elite seems determined that it should be forgotten. It is barely mentioned in school history books. No official memorial to the dead has ever been erected. The only people arrested and jailed after the violence were 18 students who survived the massacre (including Somsak Jeamteerasakul and Thongchai, both now renowned historians of Thailand). None of the killers ever faced justice.
  9. You are so right! I used to teach Swimming to 35 pupils each week! They were the lucky ones... most Thai schools simply use swimming as an excuse to have a splish-splash and nothing more! Thank you for your kind words bro.
  10. I hope they read all this then ... a stark reminder of their brutality on innocent lives... and, all within view of the Palace!
  11. It is a haunting photograph, not just because of the shocking central image, but also because of the unsettling smaller details that emerge as you study it more closely. The rapt faces of the crowd. The joyful glee on the face of the little boy. The rope tied to the other tree in the background, where another corpse is hanging, and another crowd is gawking and cheering, as all around on the royal park and cremation site known as Sanam Luang, other students are beating beaten, shot, sexually assaulted, mutilated, murdered and burned alive.
  12. Agree totally... just like previously! I cannot believe that people are actually convincing themselves that the numbers are now falling! If testing is less (which it is!) then the numbers will be less. This is convenient for a government who continuously claims the numbers will drop! The whole thing is orchestrated to enable Chanocha et al. to claim their predictions were correct! ITS TOTAL B.S! For these reasons, the majority of Thai schools will NOT reopen until next year! Attempting to get 85% of staff and students inoculated is just sound bites...nothing more! I know 2 large schools (circa 3000 students each!) saying January 2022 is more than likely! In addition, we have 'festival season' approaching and that will also involve the movement of Thai people from region to region, thus spreading any infections. Like Songkran, Loi Krathong will not be 'cancelled!'
  13. Well. I guess it's all down to how much you value education, developing & fostering creativity and making a better future for these young minds. As an educator, these are my values; clearly not the same as yours... with all due respect!
  14. That's not the answer.... just the usual Farang cop out phrase..."Hey, this is Thailand!" I dare say, if you had a son or a daughter, you would be happy if I was Facebooking during their class time, forging their test results, not logging their attendance or, failing to show up in class at all then YOU would find all that acceptable? Yes? Correct? Mai bpen rai, sabai sabai.
  15. Thaiger!! How much of this hornet's nest do you want to uncover here exactly?!
  16. YEAH! Nothing of any value to 'defend' here from outside forces! Only internal unrest!
  17. Thai people have zero concept of animal care...END OF!!
  18. Last year, my memory stick which contained all my test marking and end of Semester results was taken and I physically witnessed my "Thai" Department Head changing the lower scores to show the pupils passing at a higher rate... adding marks that weren't awarded!! It's like a cancer within the educational hierarchy! Some critics would say, 'leave it alone. We a working 'guests' in this country!' WORKING GUESTS MY ARSE!! FRAUD IS FRAUD wherever you are!!
  19. The Thai education "situation" (not 'system'! System implies there's set procedures and protocols...there isn't!!) is akin to a terminal illness! There's no cure except to start from the beginning.... and that's impossible! Like a broken electrical gadget from the 1980's; there's no spare parts made to fix it! The first rule in ALL THAI SCHOOLS SHOULD BE: BAN SMART PHONES!!! Including the teachers who often sit there Facebooking whilst the students use their 50 minute lesson to either do the same or sleep! I could go on and on and on citing examples of mismanagement, incompetence, non-attendance, tests being "manipulated", results faked etc. etc. "PANDORA'S BOX" has nothing on this topic/ thread...believe me!!
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