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  1. Like I said before, you can get 15 years for saying someone has 'big ears'... but, hey... murder a suspect and it's early retirement and everything deliberately complicated in order to confuse the real issues! THIS MAN'S A MURDERING BAR STOOL ...END OF STORY!! LIKE BOSS!!!
  2. This is the "low-life" who branded my cave diver friend, Vern a paedophile after Vern refused to use Musk's stupid underwater rescue device! Vern was the first BRITISH diver to reach the stranded football team in Tham Luang, Chiang Rai, 2 years ago! Musk just wanted the media hype and couldn't cope with a real 'professional' rejecting his daft ideas! So, he tried to discredit Vern by making slanderous, unfounded comments!! WTF does Musk know about cave rescue!? SQUAT!!!
  3. I just wish this forehead trombone would read all the negative comments aimed at him from thai social media and news!! Either he has the skin of a rhino or he's just a plain, "divy bar-stool!"
  4. The problem is this bunch of idiots in so-called 'power' don't know what they're doing!!
  5. And, if I get any kind of symptoms just take paracetamol, be quiet . keep calm and carry on!!!
  6. I'm a Farang teacher... UNVACCINATED and going back to my school 'soon!!' ...... just like hundred's of others!!!
  7. And, what about the staff??? Many foreigner teachers haven't had any opportunity as yet to get inoculated. I'm one of those 'farang teachers!!' I will be going back to classes un-vaccinated! The whole thing is a complete and utter farce...typical ill-thought-out, last-minute, Thai response to a situation with zero planning or, assessment of any pitfalls!
  8. Sorry, zero sympathy! WEAR THE GOD DAMN HELMET!! Tomato hitting a brick wall analogy!
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