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  1. Don Muang, I'm trying to compile some old photos of, and Suvarnabhumi has only been an airport in the last 15yrs, there are some old pics of construction and the swamp before it started. I will have a look for you but maybe Youtube has a few videos of the airport in the early days, not so much Don Muang as it ceased major operations before everyone had camera phones.
  2. Here are some proposals for the site, but you can never rule out demolition and a new commercial/retail/residential development.
  3. Bangkok may lose a 105 yr old legend. Lots of reminiscing. Museum pieces, SRT & Orient Express. The so-called ghetto. Rong Muang fleapit hotels on the brink, The wasted new Bang Sue viaduct, Old Railfan museum, plus more. It’s fun. Relax and switch off for 16 minutes. 00:00 Start 00:34 The beginning 1916 01:49 State Railway Of Thailand, & The Orient Express 04:55 The wasted new viaduct built from Bang Sue Grand Station to Hua Lamphong 07:20 This is not a ghetto. A lineside community dodging the trains 09:24 Museum pieces and what would tourists reminisce about? 12:00 Architecture and Special trains 13:26 The old hotels and Rong Muang 16:00 End
  4. Thanks Rain, still plenty of polishing to do, it's not easy! but it's great that many come and take part.
  5. Sunday 10th October 8pm Bkk time. Discussion: Has Bangkok lost its character? Thailand's Room 101, The state of world heavyweight boxing and whatever else we come up with.
  6. Tomorrow evening, I'll be putting an announcement soon.
  7. The Old City aka Rattanakosin Island. The landmarks, temples, monuments, buildings, canals, bridges, streets. There’s a lot to see and learn, it can be overwelming so I’ve done it all for you, and explained it all too. Now you can go on Mastermind with your specialist subject ‘’Bangkok: The Old City’’
  8. I walked past it one night and bought their chilli sauce which was good, I like a good pad thai but I don't seek it out on a regular basis. Then again last time I ate in Khao San Road it was a pad thai cooked by a very old lady who was the only place open in the whole street the time I was shooting (and she sold beer)
  9. Those backpackers types don't know what a decent pad thai is, as most of them never leave the area anyway.
  10. Thank you very much, to be honest I wasn't an expert in editing before I started the channel. I use a basic editing program (Movavi) because it's the only one that shows me the sound files in waves so I can judge levels. so I've kept with it, and it's so straight forward to use. Adobe and the other ones are far too complicated. I was a big fan of Hong Kong movie directors in the 90s and the way they presented what was happening in a scene so I thought of that. It takes more time to do the videos and I often spend up to 10 days in one area shooting stuff for one video (3-4 hours per day that is) Then, as you know, there's always the things you see around a shot that gives you ideas on what goes in. It's an enjoyable process and certain parts of Bangkok bring up some unexpected things worth adding in!
  11. Thanks John, that's how I try and do all my videos, to try and give a bit more. I'm a bit of a history nerd and my idea for the channel was that Bangkok is undergoing serious changes in its structure and character, some good and some bad, and it's worth documenting. in 10yrs this city could be unrecognisable.
  12. The settings at my end were at fault. I had no idea the new web cam had a manual focus on the front, and you don't expect it to in 2021. Blame that huge mail order company that spams millions for not stating that in the description!
  13. The place was being geared up to go Chinese according to this article, the walking street was to accomadate the smooth passage of many tour groups. https://www.samuitimes.com/out-with-the-backpackers-in-with-the-chinese-khao-san-road-makeover-continues/
  14. Fluke, I doubt you're the first, and I thought they were 10 Baht along there. Or was that 20yrs ago!
  15. Try to forget the doom and the gloom for 25 minutes. It had a heyday, and it sure wasn't like it is now. Old photos & footage, stories, history, legends and the streets.
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