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  1. No comment other than that I wholeheartedly support their message. Now I better lock the doors and self isolate.
  2. This is one subject that has always fascinated me. Have we been visited by aliens from other galaxies and, if so, how advanced do you think their technology is? Are they living here on Earth amongst us? And, if so, are they the ones trying to rule over us? Have any members had any personal encounters in the past that they would like to share with us?
  3. Wow. Congratulations on losing 40 kgs. What an achievement that is. I agree that you have to be serious about wanting to lose weight to achieve your goal. One has to be persistent and change one's lifestyle forever.
  4. Thanks. Believe me it isn't easy to lose weight, but I'm determined to lose at least another half a stone. What most people forget is that you put weight on gradually and, therefore, you have to take it off gradually by changing your lifestyle. I only drink occasionally, never on my own. But the first hurdle to get over, is to be serious about changing your lifestyle. It's the same with those that smoke, you can't stop unless you're really serious about wanting to. I have recently watched some excellent videos on Youtube by a Dr. Sten Ekberg, a former Olympian, who, amongst many topics, states the top 10 most harmful foods to eat and some of the best foods to eat. His talks are easy to understand and well worth watching. Personally, I do much of what he suggests, but, in addition, I eat 2 or 3 Moringa seeds with my breakfast every day. The seeds are easily obtained here in Thailand, as the trees grow here. Hope that helps, but drinking beer will seriously prevent you from reaching your goals. Good luck.
  5. They're all clucking mad. The world has gone stark staring bonkers, but entertaining nevertheless. .
  6. Your congratulations are very much appreciated, thanks. I would just add that counting calories never worked for me, but a low carbohydrate one did. I suppose people's metabolism is different and no one course of action works for everyone.
  7. No, it's not what you think. About 3 years ago, I had a doctor's appointment with the nurse in the UK, who told me that I was prediabetic. To be honest, I hadn't heard the expression before. She told me that I should lose some weight, as I was over 100 kilos. So, as a person that always does as he's told, I thought that I should comply. Well 3 years down the line, I now weigh 87 kilos (that's over 2 stones lost, in old money.) So what's my secret you might ask. Apart from walking a friend's dog last year, I haven't changed my sedentary lifestyle. I haven't purchased any dietary products, I've just started to eat healthier than before. Nobody likes their food more than I do, so changing habits wasn't easy. I stopped eating pork many years ago, not because of any religious beliefs, I just didn't like the idea of eating microscopic worms, which are not killed in the cooking process. The next time you buy some fresh pork, pour some coca cola on it and let it stand for a few minutes and you will see what I'm talking about. As you can imagine, it's not easy to avoid eating pork, it's in almost everything here in Thailand. I started to eat just one banana for breakfast and as you know bananas in Thailand are not very big. (No sniggering please). Then one day, I was shopping in Big C, and noticed some Morrisons Choc and Nut Granola marked down 50%. Now being a Welshman by birth and brought up in Yorkshire, how could I resist? I know we have a reputation and we're proud of it, well I am at least. I also pushed the boat out by buying some chocolate milk to put on it. The next morning I changed my banana for a bowl of the granola with chocolate milk on it. It was delicious, destined never to have a banana for breakfast ever again. Now there is one more thing that I add to the granola and that is 2 or 3 moringa seeds. The trees, often called the Tree of Life, grow here in Thailand and so the seeds are readily available. They have lots of health benefits, the leaves can also be eaten, which are well documented on the internet. My doctor had put me on all sorts of medication, Statins etc which I have totally stopped taking. I believe the moringa seeds can also help to lose weight. I only eat when I'm hungry, not at set times of the day. I eat chicken, fish and lots of vegetables and fruit from the local markets and I never go hungry. I still eat ice cream, chocolate an sweets sparingly. Personally, in a hot climate, I find that keeping hydrated is very important and food takes second place. Unfortunately, I have not been able to buy anymore Morrisons Choc and Nut Granola because they're out of stock here in Ubon Ratchathani. Maybe some members know where to find it. However, there are many others to choose from. In conclusion, I have never felt better or fitter for my age, so I will continue along the same path in the future.
  8. The Government are really scraping the barrel now to raise more funds in these hard times. Another nutty idea, which I hope soon hits the pan.
  9. Definitely a sick buffalo. My ex Thai girlfriend's was always sick when I was out of the country. They can't half run though, can't they? No wonder they fled. I wouldn't hang around either.
  10. I see you take a close interest in these positions!
  11. Must be a job description requirement. Can't be just a coincidence, can it? It would be nice to know who's on the panel that chose him!
  12. Very true. Hundreds are being turned away every day. If the object of the exercise is to boost tourism safely, why are the authorities being so strict with new arrivals by road and sea? Because the medical experts clearly state that even the fully vaccinated can still catch the virus and pass it on to other vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
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