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  1. Hi all, I had my 1st Pfizer shot in Pattaya last week, now her indoors has decided the she needs to be vaccinated too. She's going on 65 yo so she should be given priority. We've no idea where Thais go to get vaccinated. I spend a fair bit of time in Bangkok and the neighbours there also have no idea. Cheers.
  2. Yes the battery was installed too. I'd say it was a high-end battery because the shop was a Seiko franchise.
  3. How much does it cost to replace a Seiko watch battery in Pattaya. I've been quoted 250 baht in the country, is that about right.
  4. Thanks Ryan, that info is miles over my head, after all I'm a Plumber.
  5. I totally agree BlueSphinx, so watch this space, ya seen nuttin yet.
  6. Very interesting data coming out of the US, it's been reported that many people are dying after being vaccinated. The US data would be miles ahead of Thailand as they were vaccinating well before Thailand. My take is as I'm 76yo and fit I would rather die of natural causes rather than some Covid vax medication. Who knows what these cretins are putting into arms believing it's a quick fix.
  7. My registration has been accepted so what is the normal wait for an appointment day and time.
  8. At the moment there's a farang vaccination program going on in Central Festival Pattaya, how long will this program go for? My address is registered in Naklua but I'm currently out of the area. As I'm 76yo with a non imgration visa I'm fully qualified.
  9. I had a 90 days report problem recently as I'm currently staying in the country away from everything. So I tried the online service, after many attempts over several days it actually worked. Once in motion it was excellent. I used the TM47 link on the Immigration website and Google Chrome. I received a receipt fairly swiftly. Then I saved it to a file as I haven't got a printer. I must admit it was giving me a pain in the butt. So hang in there and you will get a reply sooner or later. Cheers.
  10. So are supermarkets still open? I've lived here for 22 years and I've had a gutful of the uncertainty. FFS bite the bullet and make a decision for once and let us know where we stand. I'm like many existing farangs here, I would bail out tomorrow if given the chance if it weren't for the assets I have here.
  11. These lockdowns have really worked, keep up the good work guys. Just let people die, because if covid doesnt get them poverty will. Welcome to a democratic first world country.
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