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  1. Has to be a Thai number as far as i an aware , thinking about it there is not enough numbers to add a country code so yes thai only
  2. open google play store search Mor prom thailand Download to phone Select create account enter 13 digit ID number and phone receive OTP enter then create password ...job done
  3. I hang mine on motorcycle handlebars when not in use Thats not ok then??
  4. Errrr! I am not overly convinced by this news all is "tickety boo" on the Phuket isle of dreams Do tell me i am wrong and the grand poobah of covid Mr Prayuth has it all in hand.
  5. Amazingly It flickered into life yesterday i cannot say it opens everytime but occasionally after along wait If i choose to use data it works consistently much faster Its a quirk with a seemingly not overly reliable app i will not wory too much cheers!
  6. Hospitals say no beds Governor Says many beds Aha theres spare beds been put in tent in a squalid carpark No problems toursts will be falling over themselves now in their attempts to flock there
  7. They will probably do a lot more than stare at him in prison probably in the showers when he hasn't got his trolley handy
  8. This new found joy goes not come cheap i think i will pass ta very much! Courtesy of Hua Hin news who are very excited about this it seems, To attract more than 1 million foreigners to stay in Thailand as long term expats with a focus on targeting four specific groups: a) ‘Rich’ global citizens would need to be able to prove income of at least $80,000 over the last two years and have $1 million in assets. They would also need to be able to invest at least 16 million baht in property or government bonds. b) Digital nomads – or professionals working from Thailand – would need to be earning $80,000 for the last two years or $40,000 a year and would be self employed or employed by a company overseas but which are able to use Thailand as a location to work from. They would be able to ‘work’ in Thailand without needing a work permit. They would also need to show educational qualifications of a master’s degree or higher or at least five years experience in their field. c) ‘Wealthy’ retirees – are defined as those who are aged 50 or over and who can invest 8 million baht in property or government baht, while also being able to show a minimum annual income of $40,000. d) Highly skilled professionals from SET-listed companies or from a company with an annual income of more than $50 million.
  9. Yellow book Just checked with hospital who jabbed me (Pachuap khiri khan general) filled form showed passport paid 50 THB bobs your uncle yellow book please collect tomorrow Oddly some difficult things in Thailand are outstandingly simple it seems
  10. its strange all other apps on phone work with both data and wifi This one is not playing with wifi (i am only using it to show the Mrs my vaccination history not even the tracking bit) Google tells me it could be router something IP issues, or something so get your instruction manual out (evidently issues of pesky apps doing this is not unheard off but its not important enough for me to delve in to router workings! ...so best left alone it works on mobile data i suppose i should be grateful
  11. Not sure this is right place if it can be moved Downloaded mor prom app on phone created an account and it works on AIS mobile data 3BB wifi nothing happens left it running for hour's just says wait Why does this happen i am not computed illiterate but never experienced why something wont work on home wifi but works on mobile data It snot the end of the earth but surely somethings wrong
  12. We now have the big Korean Bull now all will be well A mate of mine a season ticket holder and to him "Nuno" was God His opinion has changed somewhat and he says under is new guy "Bruno"(keep thinking of a fashion designer) hes seen some of the best Wolves attacking football ever just need the ball in the net Fingers crossed! ...Wolves Aye we!
  13. You can see why they want submarines , so much easier to hide stuff
  14. There are truly some awful u tubers the worst surely must be "shophouse Chuckie" in Ta Phanom Thailand!
  15. Correct me if i am wrong i believe he died in 2014 15 January 2014 Trigger was scripted to appear in the 2014 Only Fools and Horses sketch for Sport Relief, but Lloyd-Pack died on 15 January 2014, from pancreatic cancer.
  16. Interesting topic i feel until all countries allow normal (ish) arrivals tourism will struggle throughout the world not just Thailand but this will entail widespread vaccination i would imagine Now! an aside That vocal "lady" speaking on about foreign tourists and the sex industry must surely realise the foreign sex industry here is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the 'country town village Thai one. That one is low key but everywhere and probably most families are involved with it in someway
  17. Seems localised rain at moment Despite warnings nothing happening here in Prachuap just wind blown drizzle in fact dryer last 2 days than earlier in the week Friend just north of chumphon says been torrential there
  18. I was thinking more hospital have not yet input details to database or have made an error which stops the OTP being issued (well actually stuffs everything up)
  19. No i arranged jabs directly with hospital they gave me a 13 digit ID number I just downloaded app out of curiosity to see if any of my details re vaccination are held gave hospital my normal Thai number (they have correct number as they rang me) Seems either someone's too busy or a clerical error somewhere or app problem (seems unlikely)
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