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  1. Hahah are you JingThing from the other forum? Yes not "peer reviewed" does not mean this Oxford study was not conducted does it? It is amazing how the cancel culture folks want to silence some & yet the other side of their mouths have no problem with say...Administering 200 million vaccines out in USA before even approved? Where those peer reviewed? Yeah didnt think so yet that was ok fine? That cancel crap aside I could care less as I said what we see here in the USA is what that Oxford study also found......period
  2. Yes sure but again here in the USA we have a high percentage of vaccinated & are seeing things a bit different Still careful & this state still in masks & need to use hand cleaner to enter store...take temps to enter offices and yet we are seeing things more like that Oxford study showed What seems to be the truth is we have actually in our vaccinate attempts possibly created reduced symptoms for the vaccinated but because of that reduced symptoms also created super spreaders That is what it looks like here & it seems other parts of the world is seeing the same thing. I understand there is no script for this & basically everyone is flying blindfolded but before we start touting the booster we should stop & take a good look In any case we hope for the best but more & more feel like none really knows & to be hones it is not that bad here if one looks at death rates & not infections.
  3. We are roughly 60% vaccinated here in this part of the USA Numbers still jump for infections period & even more so as incoming tourists increase= of course more bodies more infections To be honest I think I'm over it...all of it They really all of them...every country have a wealth of no idea. The vac's do not really work although they claim lesser symptoms...I think the oldest leaves were burnt off in first covid pass anyway So I think what the Thai's said here “Thai officials are shifting their focus to work on ways the public can safely live with the presence of the coronavirus rather than trying to completely eradicate it.” It is actually correct & the only real option for the world unless we will stay inside etc till the end Truth is we need to just get on with it. Will some die? Well they always did & will continue to do so vac or not as seen in the USA & elsewhere The statement bolded above is correct but their methods are still silly Haircuts ok but only 1 hour in chair? Why because infection is impossible if under an hour exposed? Same for buses...Ok but stop every few hours to open doors & let air in? Why again? It is what it is ...A bad a$$ flu...ok get on with life now...Stay safe as you can...wash hands dont touch face & mouth & live your life...or die in a quarantine area...Either way prize is the same for everyone in the end. None are getting out of here alive no matter what Who, CDC, Fauci etc tell you They have admitted herd immunity is never going to happen with a quickly mutating virus so goodbye pandemic...Hello endemic & yearly covid same as many Flu strains
  4. Yes all fine & well to consider un-vaccinated this & that but as vac rates rise & rise here in the USA we are also seeing cases rise & rise...So we yes the vaccinated are wondering WTF By the way there is this fairly well know prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group who just published this info Study: Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Carry 251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to Unvaccinated Patients, Co-Workers https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/vaccinated-healthcare-workers-threat-unvaccinated-patients-co-workers/
  5. What is so funny about this silliness is.........If they test the other half they will see the same result This country for 2+ years claimed oh we are really good at this taking temps & we have no covid even though we dont test for it.....Fact is that is like standing under a star filled night & saying we are the only planet in the universe Thailand was wide open to Chinese tourist during Covid's discovery...They cannot actually believe when the Chinese left a giant vacuum sucked all of the Covid out of Thailand? Yet the rest of the world had no such vacuum? Lucky Thailand? Don't be so silly Thailand...But wait there is good news...........Notice since 2019 at the start of Covid till you finally tested for covid in 2021 your hospitals & crematories were not overrun with dead bodies? So if you survived the initial 2 years with blind ignorance you will surely survive the next two Lastly look at your covid daily DEATHS NUMBER not your daily infections Notice the number? Now look at your 2018 Flu & Pneumonia daily deaths number...See that it is 122 ?? Or 44,549 for the year 2018? https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/thailand-influenza-pneumonia
  6. I agree with soidogs post & truthfully would like to live full time again in Thailand someday maybe......... We left in 2016 as we saw teh Junta direction was different this time & looking back I think we were right. The only other thing in the future that would make our decision easier is if they would offer real health insurance that didn't discriminate by age All insurance in Thailand is one way...till you become the risk then they drop or price you out...That will be tough for all but the wealthiest expats. We can all self insure yes....but not against a longer term problem
  7. Just my 2cents but I always said J&J was to my mind the best likely candidate Being a viral vector vaccine (Vector-modified common cold virus) & not the newer mRNA type To this day I cannot really understand why the mass test of mRNA now during an emergency The viral vector style vacs that we have always used is made quickly & we know they do work & have worked in the past But as usual Im sure we are not privy to all info related to this decision to make mRNA the poster child vac for this virus The Novavax vaccine (Recombinant protein/adjuvants) does also show promise with zero side effects
  8. It is true this virus....any virus can & does take folks of all shapes & sizes We see unvaccinated 80-90- year olds here catch covid & breeze thru it & some die We see vaccinated catch & breeze thru it too of course & some die Also the actual story link his picture does not look like the one in this story...not that it makes a difference but did note the difference
  9. Monarchy Supporters...aka: Military just looking for an excuse to be at protests to protect coup/junta/govt
  10. Yes I have done this...moved millions of Thai Baht out of Thailand back to USA I am assuming you are talking about a transfer/wire etc I used Bangkok Bank was quite easy & ran about $30 usd per trans As for questions about where money came from or f you have the transfer into country paper to show etc... Nothing will be asked if you keep transfers to below $50,000 USD (Roughly 1.6 million baht) I would keep it to 1-1.2million Baht per time & never had any problems When asked reason of transfer you say repatriation Funny part is my wife who has dual citizenship Thai/US had a harder time & had to go home & get her US passport to prove she was also a US citizen hahah first time anything was easier for a Falang than a Thai in a Thai Bank ;)
  11. This was always my favorite too! Fair exchange rates & simple/secure process inside
  12. Electricity outages are bad for sure but even worse is if your not on a well & the village govt water goes out. We have had it go for days sometimes & when it comes back man it is dirty for a few hours or more
  13. Meechai


    No worries ? We have lived years in Thailand & left & years later gone back...all the same As long as your account is not too small. Meaning there is a minimum at most banks (usually only 1500-2k baht) so you are not charged a monthly fee. If too small your account will eventually zero out
  14. Everyone is born with one tank of gas...Dont waste it driving to the same place over & over & over ?
  15. This is all fine & well & I agree he has to go but............... The time for this was long ago say 2016-2017 Instead I believe a lot of the hype is coming from He/himself as he now wants out. His wallet if full enough for many generations to come & the public trough is near empty nothing more for him to take Now tough real world problems are here & he knows he has not the skills so would love to use any excuse to step down. As he has already said...You want me to leave? I can! Because again his wallet if filled & he wants out BUT>>>>>>>>>>> What do you think happens next? Thailand has a great government full of wisdom? Even if that Wisdom existed how will it be elected? How will politicians campaign during Covid? How will elections occur during Covid?? NO...This is just what they want...One General...falsely elected to PM steps down Anarchy starts as no government in place & no elections possible Guess what comes next? Second Verse Same as the first but this time they will not call it a coup like previous 13 coups....as no government exists to overthrow Instead they/another General will waltz right in with same excuse as last time...Thailand needs stability
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