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  1. Worrying case with these kind of news, it's just like those dying in the streets or in their homes. This could perhaps mean discovery and medical attention is coming in too slow too late.
  2. So what does this mean? People need space and high density and close proximity and overcrowding is loved by the virus. Cities need to rethink development and expand the space. The old standard of spacing distance needs to be reworked maybe?
  3. Fudging the numbers by swaping to more ATK test instead of PCR test can bring down the numbers as oppose to the reality of true numbers. Anyway the cheap "faulty" ATK test kits from the Chinese can contribute to a higher number of negatives and buckle the trend to bend the curve. A good strategy to the potential opening up. Also, this is in line with WHO protocol of only accepting PCR test as the official test and positive outcome. Hence, it is in compliance.
  4. Funny thing is the news did not mention anything about the "host" that got the inmates infected and any news to start investigation and contact tracing. Extensive tracking of potential infections is not a strength of Thailand covid team anyway, which leads to the low testing numbers and higher positive test outcome rates.
  5. Irregardless residents should get local insurance medical coverage and tourist should get travel insurance, which makes sense. At least in any countries even if they practise dual pricing, you are more or less covered. I always do.
  6. This is clear, the true local and small businesses do not benefit from this experience. Although some might say that there are connections while benefiting the rich as all is intertwined together, but i beg to differ as it is an indirect benefit to the true local and small businesses. A direct consumption by tourist to the local and small businesses would truly benefit these groups who are now suffering the most as their physiological needs are now in dire straits.
  7. I think the same too, what's wrong with having a free property market? Those thai's who have already owned good property in parts of Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya can sell off to foreigners or rich local thais and make a handsome profit and can buy cheaper land and houses further out the city or other parts of Thailand. Protectionism in Property is so old school. There are also many wealthy Thais who can own luxury penthouses and also wealthy thais who are just making money in property off middle and lower income Thais as well. Yes there might be implications to the younger generation to owning a property in the future due to the high prices of housing in central area. But this is the way of life in many other countries, developed or non-developed and they just have to proof themselves and find a way of life if they so want to buy a decent property in central Bangkok for example.
  8. I concur with LoongFred to get vaccinated and move on with live if possible back to normal in the near future with logical cautious easing of restrictions. Step by step I see some high immunization countries opening up. Yes there are surges in new cases when countries open up but its expected and more importantly is the hospitalization and death rate is kept low. Puting Covid as endemic can be a direction forward. Let's observe how these pioneer countries moving in this direction are doing. This disease has rampaged people's livelihood enough, causing many to lose their means of survival, financially and mentally. Hiding at home will only slow down the spread as the resilient of this virus is strong. How long can you stay lockdown?
  9. I agree with your points and that is why i advocate all tourists instead of banning backpackers. Rich tourists are important and will push the economy faster and forward, but let's not forget the backpackers. They bring different moods, colours, diversity and support the larger community of businesses.
  10. He who swings with praise when there is little achievements, while recedes into a hole when the tide is strong. A rider with the wind of change. His words has no strength on me and his remarks betray an utter contempt for the truth.
  11. Rich tourist with spending power will only benefit the big organisations and set ups. For example, staying with 4-5star hotels, eating in established restaurants, private car or limo hire, fly business class and take full service flights, etc. On the other hand backpackers, will help support ailing small inns and hostels, street eateries, local tuk tuks and taxis, and fly on budget flights, etc. I might be stereotyping here but rich tourist are press for time will travel at shorter period of time, while backpackers tend to have a longer extended stay. Do backpackers spend more with this prolong period over shorter rich tourist? I don't think so. Wealth discriminatory tourist attraction will not help support the true local small business. This will only encourage wider inequality in the income gap. The mid to bottom will not benefit from this initiative. It's the rich for the rich again. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.
  12. It really amazes me. Phuket is always opposite of the rest of Thailand. When rest of province in Thailand is surging in cases, Phuket is low in cases, calm and quiet. It's the opposite again now that cases in the rest of Thailand is trickling down, Phuket cases are surging. I am really amused.
  13. Vaccinated tourists with negative covid tests results should be the least what the Thai authorities should be concerned with. Regulated process for tourist is just a turnoff. Clean up and manage the Thai backyard first should be the priority.
  14. could not agree more. In addition the regulations and process of travelling is tiring and cumbersome.
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