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  1. Ben772

    Domestic flights

    Yes we might never know, but Any way the situation is bad enough now unfortunately.
  2. Ben772

    Domestic flights

    Ohooo really ?! So people can fly with this airline from Phuket to U-tapao. According to your announcement this is until the end of the July .... we will have to wait and see if the airline will continue to operate these flights even after the first of August.
  3. Ben772

    Domestic flights

    Thailand was a green country with such low COVID numbers. It's just hard to believe how bad the situation in the country has become.
  4. Ben772

    Domestic flights

    Ohooo my God, It is getting worse day by day. So if I understand correctly from your responed my dear friends .... if I was planning to travel and visit other provinces in the north of Thailand and I am not interested in visiting the rest of the islands after 2 weeks in Phuket, I am actually stuck in southern Thailand for a much longer time than planned and I have no Wher to go !!!
  5. Are there still regular flights from Phuket to Bangkok ? And another question ... if the COVID situation gets even worse ... is there a chance that the domestic flights will be stopped completely ?
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