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  1. Evergrande sale of its Hong Kong headquarters for $1.6 billion collapsed, so their problems still continue.
  2. it's a soapie,they put those characters in to get you wound up, baddie, goodie, hot chick who is always crying, macho guy comes to her rescue. You can watch the same storyline on Thai TV soapies you don't need the sound, all end with hot chick saved by good guy and bad guy loses out big time. The baddie is always easy to pick on Thai tv, he has a moustache.
  3. Falah is the type of cooking from Issan. Didn't smell it personally but the smelly fish they were throwing at the PM, possibly Falah. It stinks big time, god knows how they eat it. They have a whole range of dishes that are offensive to the nose. Ask a Thai about it, they'll just smile and say 'you want try'.
  4. Good thing they were not going all out cooking "Balah" they would have had to evacuate the state.
  5. warning residents not to throw rotten eggs at the prime minister. Good eggs would have been OK?
  6. Thais don't seem to seize all assets deemed to be proceeds of criminal activity. Take away the incentive (baht) plus increase the jail time to life and it may help, particularly knowing that their family will not be living in that nice big house and driving nice cars.
  7. Do it piecemeal with lots of fresh air and reality between reads.
  8. He was worried you would tell everyone. Where do you think he got his dvds.
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