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  1. Sorry but this is not more proof! It states he only had 1 vaccine and no date of that.. he was not fully vaccinated so how does that mean more proof!
  2. "the PM, he instructed the 3 ministries to identify more areas that could be part of the country’s re-opening programme, which has been given the catchy title, “Covid-free Tourist Area Sandbox”. Hmmmmm.. how is that catchy phrase going down in phuket!
  3. Don't worry the figures will come down.. take the antigen test, go to the clinic and they hide you away from official figures for 2 weeks...
  4. "A 63 year old Thai man was the 40th victim of Covid-19 in Phuket, doubling the number of total deaths since April just in the last 10 days. He had received 1 AstraZeneca vaccine, but had high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, and kidney failure so was vulnerable" this is middle of September why the hell was he not fully vaccinated if such a high risk.. but I bet they put him down as vaccinated! The Atk tests, 1188 that's around 80 a day that don't get added to the daily totals for covid . They are always waiting for a pcr test that either comes back as negative showing the antigen test was inaccurate or they wait the 2 weeks test again with antigen test then if clear allowed to go home without being added to the covid totals !
  5. Does anyone think this will attract more tourist's? No bars, gogo bars,clubs, restaurants with alcohol.. not even allowed to sit on the beach with friends with a beer..this is not on the list for many tourist's.. the first 2 months of Phuket opening 28k came 10k went back to their countries ! 5k stayed in phuket and rest went to other areas of Thailand.. many thais and expat returnees
  6. @SoidogThis graph looks exactly the same for a while now.. the dates change but always shows 40k as last entry..would love to know why this isn't being updated as the positive numbers drop so quickly..hmm
  7. @AdvocatusDiaboli I really don't know cost from airport to your hotel after your first test now.. but normal times taxis can be from 800 to 1500 to patong or phuket town. we have a taxi friend here and always pay 500 from patong to airport.. tuk tuks are 200 up to a kilometer and motorbike taxi 100-200 baht 1km 50 baht if you thai
  8. We have 2 next to us, with estimated 385 rooms combined. just driving around they are not hard to spot with 20 chairs out the front 2 metres spacing for new arrivals or just watch the ambulances turn up each day to take away the people taken a turn for the worst!
  9. The target of vaccinated should be 466k of adults .. today I read that only 430k have had 1 jab myself included and second jabs are still around the 360k mark.. they are showing off flag waving that they are giving booster vaccines now to the people only double vaccinated with sinovac! Here's a snip from The phuket news "As for vaccinations, government agencies are heavily promoting how many people are now receiving their third dose booster jabs, while many people across the island still have yet to receive a first injection. Even according to the PPHO’s own report, as of Friday (Sept 10) 430,927 people in Phuket have received one vaccination injection, some 35,660 short of the target 466,587. Keep in mind that is while 480,303 people have reportedly registered through the PhuketMustWin website to be vaccinated. Either the local government does not have the vaccine doses to give to these people, or the people do not want the vaccines being offered. We are wondering how long it will be before any officials even recognise that."
  10. When they were testing around 60k they were getting around 36% 22k infection rate now they testing 40k they still getting around 36%! 14k infection rate
  11. They have been good at hiding the figures especially with the atk tests!
  12. They said they needed to vaccinate 466k. they only got to just over the 420k 1st jab and only around 360k 2nd jab.. so nowhere near the so called herd immunity.. they are also rolling out now astrazenica booster jabs for double jabbed with sinovac..
  13. Because 'rich tourists' are bringing and spending millions of baht ! Hmm.. on another note, I see today the hospital beds are now over 80% full . A sandbox closure plan!. all they did last time was add more beds . So no doubt they will do the same this time.. they will not stop sandbox because it means they would have to stop the other sandboxes about to open if the same happens
  14. The phuket sandbox had around 28k in 2 months from that 10k went back home.. around 12.5 went to other areas in Thailand (came back home) and 5k still in phuket.. so the 10k in 2 months were so called real tourist's! 1250 a week now to be spread over other areas! I personally think Until they change the arrival criteria then you just won't get the numbers coming.. and with domestic travellers with the 9 months or so in phuket when no international travellers was just not enough to keep the local economy going
  15. "a TAT survey showing 80% of travellers satisfied with the hospitality" so 20% is 5600 unhappy customers!
  16. Wow they totalled the money spent before the number of tourists !
  17. Maybe put food lower down so tourists can eat at the restaurant and watch the bear eat. No danger as the bear will get so fat it won't be able to climb up to the tourists
  18. Let's see how you get on with the Delta variant. you have it in a few provinces now, just wait for that to take off then show the world how your sinocrap does against it
  19. So you belive vaccines don't work because they are not 100%, masks not 100%, social distancing not 100 % hand sanitizers because not 100%, but you believe ivermecsin works but that's not 100% ! Hmmm
  20. A lot of domestic tourists come for 3 or 4 days as per when it was open here a few months back before the sandbox.. now if they come they can leave before the second test!
  21. So it is showing that either these people tested positive with an antigen test then put into a quarantine hotel are either being released after 14 days without being added to the infected numbers or the pcr tests they are waiting for come back as negative! .. if 177 today were released from these holding centres because the pcr test was negative then it doesn't look like the antigen tests are very accurate
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