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  1. It's the only way ! If atk tests don't go on the official numbers then why not test the whole island! The official figures won't go up! But maybe not enough hotels to hide people away for 2 weeks if they test everyone
  2. Most of the testing here is targeted.. they target the Myanmar camps!
  3. Many people die every day ..the news ask the family did he have a vaccine?. if the family say no then its not worth reporting. But if the family say yes he had a vaccination a week ago then the headline is "man dies after vaccine!" You honestly think reporting like this will encourage people to get vaccinated? Oh and seems he was booster vaccinated 2.5 months after being fully vaccinated with Sino crap..
  4. They are around 30-40% bars open in Bangla Road, 2 or 3 nights ago, with around 40 -50 each bar, all drinks in coffee cups and a grab food menu to make a bar a restaurant.. said to close 9pm but we left 11pm and still in full swing
  5. This came in to effect on the 15th Sept so basically the same rules that allowed covid in from domestic travel
  6. I did read this today for domestic travel to phuket Arrivals must be fully vaccinated Arrivals must provide evidence of testing negative for COVID-19 by RT-PCR method or ATK swab test within seven days before arriving Arrivals must have the MorProm app installed on their phones and must register their travel details through the gophuget.com web platform As for air travel, which has limitations in the methods of detecting infection, it was agreed to propose having checkpoints set up at airports providing flights to Phuket where passengers can bring their own ATKs to conduct COVID tests before being allowed to board their flight. No testing after arrival,
  7. See it every day on the news here! Some dimwit stealing and looking straight at the cctv camera, or leaving their ID card or phone at the scene, then found later at their mums house!
  8. "Prison officials had not publicly announced what actions would be taken to deal with the Covid-19 cluster inside the prison walls" Do nothing! Atk tests won't go on the official covid numbers, just separate the prisoners that has it .. they did the same with the Myanmar work camp, kept them all in until another test said that they all clear ..
  9. Sadly that's so true ,when the sandbox was announced and finally opened many people some we know opened up shops waiting for the tourists, but some have closed already, many new have opened in their place but are failing or really struggling to get a tourist in their shop..its sad to see but when the tourist do/(if) finally come then there will always be someone to open another shop
  10. I'd not seen the updated numbers so 33k is another 5k in just over half a month.. I do know 2 friends left Thailand to get their vaccine of choice 1 here now lives hua hin and another coming back next week.. in fairness it does seem busier here and you can tell the tourists from people that live Thailand and returning.. many Israeli and Arab that are taking a selfie everywhere and driving with the standard rental bike with leather covered open faced helmets in rainy season!
  11. After 2 months total 28k arrived at phuket, 13k left the island to other areas of Thailand (probably returnees), 5k are still in phuket and 10k went home those 10k that went home were surveyed and 80% were satisfied with hospitality so 2000 were not happy, I did read but can't find on the 10th of this month 29k had come so that's only 1000 more in 10 days !
  12. There were 199 prisoners that tested positive with atk tests and not recorded! only the 2 that died a 24 year old and a 38 year old both caught covid in jail.. Phuket news
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