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  1. I've been to a few airports (in India, Afghanistan and the Middle East) where the bathrooms looked like water parks as people used the toilets as baths. (Well, the water in the hose and bowl is generally clean. Cleaner than what they probably have at home.) The problem is, it's things like that which can lead to outbreaks of Cholera, which is transmitted through contact with infected feces. Plus, people don't want to wash their bum in water someone else has just cleaned their nasty, stinky, dirty feet in !
  2. Right off the bat, when I do a search of the "headline" it turns up a total of 2 sites. Neither of them a reliable, major media site. The other site (aside from "exposeuk.com") is just someone's blog post. Note that I did find a report debunking a similar claim. The other claim was that over 5,500 people had died in Scotland after receiving a Covid vaccination between Dec 2020 and June 2021. But the report notes - that is the total number of people who died during that period, from any and every cause, including cancer, heart attacks, accidents, murders, etc. (That's what happens when morons take numbers and stats out of context in order to con people into thinking differently about something.) Meanwhile, according to Scottish officials, of the millions who have received a covid vaccination, only 4 have died due to complications from the vaccination. When you see a headline that looks like total BS, from a questionable site/blog and it doesn't appear anywhere else, chances are it's BS.
  3. I also registered elsewhere for a Moderna vaccine in October - all going well. The way the news is regarding "booster shots" it seems like I'll probably need it anyways. Odd that they can get Sinovac, AZ and Pfizer here and now (and for free) but not the Moderna for some reason. Thai friends have had both Sinovac shots already. Not as good as the others but still helps a bit. Maybe. Especially if they can get a shot of something better as well. Waiting for them to tell me that I'll need 2-3 booster shots every year. Won't that drive people batty !!
  4. There is a new notice on the BHP website for people who want to register to buy (not free) Moderna vaccinations - to be delivered between January-March 2022. Registration starts on 18 Sept (today) at 09:00. (No, no one here has a clue why we are expected to pay for this or why it's not available until January or later. It's not mandatory so if you don't want/need this one, you are free to ignore it.) https://www.bangkokpattayahospital.com/en/packages-and-promotions/online-packages-en/item/3082-moderna-vaccine-lot-2-en.html It's 1,650 baht for 1 dose (not including any doctor's fees if you need a consultation or additional treatment). (Note that other private hospitals have been offering this for a couple months now, at 3,300 baht for two doses. Supposedly available starting in October.) You have to register and pay via the Line app - on your phone - though.) Been trying for 10 minutes now, but I don't think the link will be active until 9 as right now it just goes to a blank page.
  5. I tried to register for the online 7-11 delivery thing but it only accepts Thai ID numbers, not passport numbers.
  6. It is clear that the vehicle was "at speed" and driving straight when the pedestrian/protestor ran out into the traffic lane and then ran directly in front of the truck. WTF was he thinking ? That the truck would be able to stop in 2 meters ? I'm sure the driver never thought anyone would be stupid enough to run in front of a speeding vehicle. Think about this. According to the wiki article "Braking Distance" and some other sites, a vehicle travelling at (30 mph or 48 km/h) takes from 23-27 meters to stop. I'm sure that truck was doing over 50 km/h as well. Probably 70+. Lets say he was doing 65 km/h. That means it would take him 36-42 meters to stop (depending on his reaction time). Now go back and look at the video again and decide at which point the driver should have known that the pedestrian was about to jump in front of him. I used to teach Defensive Driving and was always amazed in places like Vancouver where people would simply walk out into an intersection without looking and expect 2 ton vehicles travelling at 50 km/h to instantly stop for them. And then curse the driver for a near miss (or blame them for an accident). I used to point out to students to watch people at crosswalks and intersections and see how many of them look both ways before crossing and how many just simply walk out onto the roadway. It's scary how many simply assume they have the right-of-way and that all traffic should be able to stop instantly for them. And what do you think would have happened if he'd stopped (as he should have done by the law) ? It's all nice to think that the protestors would have just stood by and done nothing but I'm sure most of you know that wouldn't have been the case. The driver would have been dragged from the vehicle and beaten, possibly killed. Nothing a mob loves better than blood on the street. And an authority figure to vent their anger on. Actually, that is one of the most common excuses people use when filing insurance claims (in the US at least). There was a meme going around a long time ago that listed the top excuses people gave when filing claims for (single person) accidents. Trees and lamp posts and barriers that "jumped" in front (or behind) a vehicle from out of nowhere was a very common excuse ! Most often (so it seems) in mall parking lots and people's driveways. In broad daylight.
  7. Some people could pick both nostrils at the same time. Others would send out even more BS tweets than they used to with just 10 fingers. Would "foreplay" become "fiveplay" ? (Nowadays, "fiveplay" is usually referred to as an "orgy".) Having the opposable thumb is supposedly the "evolutionary" trait that made us what we are now. It allowed us to grasp and make tools, which lead to us evolving differently from our primate cousins. Think where we could/would be now had we evolved with 6 digits instead of a mere 5. We'd probably be basking in the light of the triple suns of Alpha Centari by now, whining about how the Leather Goddesses of Phobos have been increasing their rates despite a lack of customers because of the inter-galactic spaceways being closed due to Covid-722 restrictions. (In other words, most of us wouldn't be that much further ahead of where we are now. Just maybe in a different location. Inside a shiny new clone. Still whining about sports and the gov't and them damn kids and their space Ferraris blasting around the planet, messing up the holographic TV screen signals.)
  8. The rain has arrived in Pattaya. Naturally, just like the last 2 weeks, it is on the day I have to go to the hospital for an appointment. Just hope it doesn't rain enough to flood everything. Again.
  9. Just for some FYI. Rock Bar on Walking street gutted by electrical fire - March 2017. (Caused by a "squirrel" supposedly.) 2 Bars (and 17 motorcycles) incinerated by electrical fire behind Marine Hotel - March 2018. (Faulty transformer that had just been installed, brand new, the day before.) Sept 2020 - 2 rooms at the top of the Pattaya Inn Hotel (Walking Street) gutted by fire. (No cause given by the rooms were supposedly vacant at the time.) Also in the general area. July 2020 - Fire guts Sukhawdee House. (Not long after the city had demolished two other buildings in the same area for encroaching on public land. Cause of the fire is believed to have been electrical. Place had been closed and vacant for 4 months and had just re-opened the day before.) Fairy Sweet Restaurant - 2 fires in 1 year - caused by "electrical" fault. (Place was still under construction so who knows ?)
  10. As there is NO evidence that the place was (or wasn't) insured and it didn't "suspiciously" catch fire long before this, it is probably more likely to have been an electrical fault or someone screwed up while cooking in the restaurant on the bottom floor. I had a circuit breaker that kept flipping off, even when there was no load on the circuit, so I called in an "electrician" as I didn't want to deal with the main circuit panel and shoddy work done by the initial builders (Chok Chai). The electrician pulled the faulty circuit breaker out and gave it to me. Cheap made in China POC. (Piece of crap.) It literally fell apart in my hand. Crumbled into a dozen pieces. I can only imagine what could have happened if some slight vibration had of made it crumble while it was still in the panel. Faulty electrical work does cause a lot of fires here. As does people overloading a panel (i.e. by plugging in a half a dozen power bars to a single outlet and then plugging in a couple dozen lights/appliances/tools to those power bars). "Back home" if you had an electrical problem you'd call in a qualified electrician. Here it seems every other person you see thinks they are a qualified electrician because hey, how hard can it be ? "I saw a guy in my village do that once so here, hold my beer while I give it a try !" Kind of like motorcycle repair shops.) (Besides, actually qualified people cost money and "my buddy" will fix it for a free beer !) The other likely cause could have been an accidental propane tank explosion. Keep in mind that the bottom floor of the building houses a restaurant. Propane bottle fires happen far more often than you might think. Many use a (made in China POC) rubber or even a plastic hose that deteriorates over time. Assuming the hoses haven't been kinked, cramped (squished) melted (burned) and were hooked up properly to begin with that is. Also = I'm guessing that standards (and enforcement) regarding propane tanks are not enforced here. For example, in the "West", propane tanks are stamped with date. (Stamped right into the metal.) Once past that date, propane companies are not allowed to refill the tank, it has to be replaced (and then sent for testing). I just confirmed, tanks are initially certified for 12 years and then have to be retested (and stamped with the date). After that, it's supposed to be every 5 years. I just checked the spare tank under my sink. I got it about 2 years ago. It's certification date is 2552. (It is currently 2564). So not only is it 12 years past the date it should have been retested (and stamped), it should have been retested (and stamped again) twice more ! I'm guessing the bottle that is currently in use is probably just as old. However, I use a decent hose with a proper cut-off valve and make sure it isn't kinked or likely to have hot liquids spilled on it or is in a place where it could get crushed. So, while it could be an "insurance" deal, it probably is more likely an accident.
  11. Sheesh, they are starting to sound like Christian Evangelists ! Coming soon to China: Only "state approved" games that glorify the Chinese Communist Party and their ideas of what "masculinity" is (as decided by a bunch of old, fat guys). Reminds me of all the "choppy socky" movies that used to come out of Hong Kong in the 60s/70s. Many of them all had the same hidden messages meant to glorify the communist party ideals without actually mentioning them. Like when all the "good guys" (i.e. the "state") band together to defeat the one bad guy (whoever opposes the "state"). Then they all get together after achieving victory and mention that they did it "for the people" (ect, ect). It's basically subliminal propaganda. Similar to many of the war movies made in Hollywood. Remember how it was always the "Russians" who were the bad guys in the 60s/70s. Then it was "black guys". Then it was Asians. Then it was Muslims. But the "good guys" (i.e. Western democracies) always win in the end.
  12. Not even a drop of rain all weekend in Pattaya. Some patchy clouds and that's it. Was expecting another massive downpour to plug all the storm grates that aren't already plugged from the last downpour. Soi Batman once again became "Lake Batman" as all the water from the Great Sukhumvit Depression flowed down the sois to the west of the highway. The water was nearly a metre deep on the street and even the homes/businesses that had elevated entrances (or sandbagged barriers) were flooded. The arrow shows how high the water got to in that shop. Was worse for the motorcycle repair shop next door. The German bookstore down the street lost a lot of books from the first flood a couple weeks ago. I think they were flooded out again despite the sandbag barrier they put up in front of the shop. However, the mechanic at the repair shop assures me that the rains will end next week and that will be it for the "rainy season". I'm not packing my raingear away just yet though.
  13. I'd say living in Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai probably isn't that much cheaper than Bangkok/Pattaya/Phuket. One reason I settled in Pattaya many years ago was because it had everything I could want in Bangkok, without the traffic, crime and cost. Well, the traffic and cost have changed since then (until covid kicked the crap out of the local population that is - driving around here now is a breeze). To find a noticeable difference, you'd need to move to a small city/large village, where most of the population is "local" and they don't see many foreigners. But of course, those places don't have everything the "big cities" have and aren't as convenient. So again, you have to consider what you are willing to give up/put up with and what you aren't. Give up the traffic noise of the city for roosters crowing non-stop from 4:30 am onwards, with dogs barking and people driving their iron buffaloes past your home on their way to the rice fields at 5 am, walking out to the road and waiting for one of the many herds of cattle to pass on their way to a grazing area, then gingerly stepping between the piles of cow crap to get to the one local "market" in the village to buy some (cheap) veggies and your daily beer, then wait for the monks to go by before making your way back to your rickety wooden home on stilts so you can check your email on your spotty internet connection and hope there's a "footie" match showing on one of the free TV channels. I hear you can live a lot cheaper in a place like that ! But if you want (need) or aren't willing to give up on the "luxuries", then you will need to live in a large city and pay more for just about everything. I guarantee there are a lot of foreigners living in villages in places just like this: (pic of a house in the g/f's village in Sa Kaeo)
  14. Was expecting something like this months ago. Last year even. Definitely looks like the Nashaa Club. Looks like an Uzbeki restaurant on the ground floor.
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