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  1. why would you book ASQ if no quarantine entry for vaccinated tourists was declared for next month?
  2. i hope they have few epidemiologists left, unless they sent them all to Phuket already. May need to hire few more, recent graduates possibly
  3. here we go.... was waiting for this one, next step is to isolate all sandboxes
  4. this would be a tough decision, there is a reason even in US until now they didn't approve vaccination for kids. since Thailand MOPH has no clue, i will not read too much into it, cause as we know, this will change on daily basis
  5. i am waiting for you to publish interesting article called: Save our Sandbox! MoPH send crisis team to Phuket as migrants blamed for infections... will be fun to read discussion thread
  6. actually, i think it's a good idea, November 1st would be better... January 1st would be my guess, let's run a poll for beer money
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