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  1. Another great report from Caitlin which was appreciated from Chicago.
  2. Yikes! What a horrific and tragic workplace accident. Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the victim. Moving forward, there needs to be a thorough investigation and safety measures/protocols need to be enhanced. The goal must be to prevent this from ever happening again or at least decrease the chances of this from happening again.
  3. Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of BA.
  4. I’m praying for the soul of this unfortunate woman. Thoughts and prayers are extended to her family and friends. This incident is absolutely horrific, tragic, and sad. What an awful incident. I’m also praying that the murderer(s) are quickly captured and are harshly punished to the absolute fullest. Awful… just awful.
  5. My heart and best wishes are with the people of Myanmar/Burma. What a terrible situation to have to endure. Dealing with COVID-19 while simultaneously dealing with a coup!
  6. Congratulations for winning the gold medal! This is great and happy news that is definitely needed during these difficult Pandemic times.
  7. Thoughts and prayers. One thing is for certain, this was a sad incident.
  8. It’s always wise to heed the late Kenny Rogers advice! The authors comment in this story was a brilliant touch. Let’s explore this further: “The Gambler” ’You've got to know when to hold 'em Know when to fold 'em Know when to walk away And know when to run You never count your money When you're sittin' at the table There'll be time enough for countin' When the dealin's done’
  9. These are trying and stressful times during this marathon long Pandemic which has been economically catastrophic. No doubt, the current crisis has challenged people’s mental health wellbeing. Yes, there are superstitions galore throughout Thailand. That being said, perhaps it’s time to take the stigma out of mental health issues and to promote community social work and outreach programs. It would be really something if this woman does in fact have a bona fide internal medical issue with her heart. Anyway, Kaitlin’s articles are enjoyed from Chicago.
  10. Whether or not James (the victim of the theft) is a tourist or a resident of Phuket does make a difference. In my mind, a big difference especially if James is a participant of the sandbox scheme.
  11. Thoughts and prayers for the 18 year old rescue volunteer who was tragically killed.
  12. Your points are well taken. Deep down, I agree with everything you wrote. However, since the Thai people are hurting so much economically, I’m trying to put forth as positive of a spin as I can. I’m trying to remain hopeful in a situation of monumental odds. My concern is for those Thai’s in the bottom tier of the economic ladder. Had the original 7 day plan been kept, the reopening scheme would’ve had a much greater chance of success.
  13. Very insightful and articulated comment. My heart goes out to the every day, “common” worker throughout all of Thailand in the hospitality industry and all of the supporting jobs accompanying that industry. This catastrophic Pandemic has really highlighted just how interconnected so, so many things actually are in Thailand and also throughout the world.
  14. I’m so fortunate and grateful to have been fully vaccinated here in Chicago with Moderna. Although some people respond differently, I did experience some side effects after my second dose including extreme fatigue, mild chills, slight headache, and achy joints. After a period of 24 hours, I was as good as new. Anyway, although both my wife and I are fully vaccinated, we still can’t safely visit Thailand as my children, ages of 20 months, and six, cannot, as of yet, be vaccinated. I have this summer off and money for a trip saved. Yet, I still can’t make a return visit to Thailand via the sandbox reopening scheme. To add insult to injury, our scheduled summer trip to Thailand back in 2019, was derailed last minute because of an EVA Airline strike which occurred just days prior to our scheduled vacation! Consequently, we couldn’t go as other last second airfares were tremendously more expensive. In hindsight, we should’ve paid the extra airfare and traveled to Thailand. “We’ll go next summer!” we said. Due to COVID-19, “next summer” simply wasn’t possible. Anyway, I recommend Moderna as I took it myself, and regarding the taking of a trip even when faced with unforeseen circumstances, take it! Seize the moment, pay the extra fare, and take the trip!
  15. As a member of DePaul University’s “1995 Southeast Asia Business Study Tour,” I remember visiting businesses including the Dusit Thani Bangkok, Coca Cola, the former Volvo factory, TOA Paint, Stock Exchange of Thailand, UB Hayworth Furniture Co, Leo Burnett, Lever Brothers, the American Chamber of Commerce, and a few others to study business practices in Thailand. As a student, I listened very, very carefully. I learned a great deal back in December of 1995 and the economy was roaring in Bangkok. At least for some. I remember seeing a record number of Mercedes being driven down Sukhumvit prior to the completion of the BTS Skytrain. Construction cranes were everywhere and progress was being made. A year and-a-half later, the Asian Economic Crisis hit with the strength of a punch from a young Mike Tyson in his prime. For Thailand, it was an absolute economic disaster of tremendous proportions. Not even that monumental economic crisis could even remotely compare to the economic Armageddon that this worldwide Pandemic has had upon Thailand and those small businesses on the island of Phuket. It’s a nightmare reality that unfortunately isn’t a dream but a reality. My heart and very best wishes goes out to those small business owners and workers!
  16. This is really surprising. I can’t wait to see what actually happens tomorrow. Your report is extremely interesting.
  17. My family and I are long overdue for our return visit to Thailand. When the situation settles down and international travel reaches a new “normal,” we’re going to make our trip there our best trip yet. Big ticket outings while staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel throughout our several week stay. I’m confident that we’re not alone and that hundreds of thousands will be joining us. Under different circumstances, my wife and I (both fully vaccinated ‘Moderna’) would’ve traveled to Thailand under the Phuket sandbox scheme. Problem is, our two young children are not vaccinated as it’s not possible for them to be so at this juncture. Hang in there Thailand!
  18. Obviously, the Phuket sandbox reopening scheme will be slow at first. However, it’s a start and something to build upon. To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised that the Thai authorities actually met the July 1 reopening date. Putting all of the problems aside, they actually got it done! My heart and very best wishes are for the Thai workers in the tourist and hospitality industry.
  19. This tragic and horrific incident disturbed me tremendously. Obviously, there needs to be sophisticated physiological screening on a routine basis for all police officers. Tremendous damages must be paid to the unfortunate victim of this needless and unjustified act of violence in the form of a monumental monetary settlement to be dispersed on a monthly basis for the remainder of the victims life. Life in prison for the perpetrator is appropriate. Again, the key here moving forward is to conduct routine and consistent psychological screening for every police officer.
  20. I’m rooting for tremendous success and safety with the Phuket sandbox re-opening scheme! Putting all of the numerous problems and glitches aside (and plenty of those abound), the authorities actually managed to get it done and to meet the July 1 deadline! I’m really surprised by this and honestly thought that it wouldn’t happen. Every tourist Baht counts in this Pandemic ridden, catastrophic Thai tourism economy. I’m praying for economic relief and for success for the Thai people. Yes...it will be extremely slow at first. It’s a start and they managed to get it done.
  21. I enjoyed reading this article and also Caitin’s recent appearance on the Thaiger’s “Good Morning Thailand” program. I have a cousin, Kim Barker, who is a journalist for the New York Times. Anyway, I’ve been following Caitlin’s career with interest from the Windy City.
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