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  1. การเรียกคุณว่าลุงอาจเป็นสัญญาณ....?
  2. Oligarchy is the definitive manner. Practiced the world over.
  3. Personally, don't think it will become this extreme.
  4. ฝรั่งคิดมาก
  5. .....and those are official "documented" numbers. Might be twice that in reality.
  6. Recalling what Gandhi had quipped about when asked what he thought of Western Civilisation. His reply: "That would be nice"
  7. Normal [whatever that is] until the new and mutated resistant strains pop up. Then what?
  8. A bit dreamy and romantic, as it appears that nowhere in the world will reached the beloved figure of 70-75% and herd immunity.
  9. Obviously, it's all been played political by those special few. Unfortunate for the good society.
  10. Yeah. Something like that. ?
  11. I go to real Thai sources for my "Thai" news and info.
  12. Indeed. Hopelessly stereotypical and naive by it's very nature. ไม่เป็นไร (It's okay)
  13. ....and nearly impossible to extend exaggerated Occidental comparatives and superlatives among the studious. What might be more perplexing might be the ingrained mindset: "why can't they be like us"
  14. There has been strong suggestion, and documented evidence, that he had gathered covert enemies by 1967 - nefarious governments and private parties that preferred to see him disappear. Lotsa political intrigue followed him for decades.
  15. Almost moot for some. Even in the best of times, locales such as Phuket should be avoided.
  16. Most are easy to suggestions. Repeated loud and often enough, all becomes true and real.
  17. You'll be reminded that the ever present authority is always benign and benevolent - especially in Thailand. ?
  18. Yet, if one is paying attention, none of these engaged protocols [voluntary or mandated] have been terribly successful anywhere - worldwide - in varying degrees. In the end, folks have to act for the good of the commons. Which doesn't appear to be practiced universally.
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