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  1. การเรียกคุณว่าลุงอาจเป็นสัญญาณ....?
  2. Oligarchy is the definitive manner. Practiced the world over.
  3. Personally, don't think it will become this extreme.
  4. ฝรั่งคิดมาก
  5. .....and those are official "documented" numbers. Might be twice that in reality.
  6. Recalling what Gandhi had quipped about when asked what he thought of Western Civilisation. His reply: "That would be nice"
  7. Normal [whatever that is] until the new and mutated resistant strains pop up. Then what?
  8. A bit dreamy and romantic, as it appears that nowhere in the world will reached the beloved figure of 70-75% and herd immunity.
  9. Obviously, it's all been played political by those special few. Unfortunate for the good society.
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