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  1. it is illegal in Hua Hin.
  2. not sure but try downloading Brave browser and see if you get a different result. if not delete it . https://brave.com/
  3. what are they going to do? tow the line as best you can in a very public space while trying to appeal to as many people as possible or totally alienate the government? all it would take is one upset government official and there are big problems. especially from Farang. there are many places on the web where they are in full attack mode and they cant be quoted here . <irrelevant video removed>
  4. Top two rainfall areas last 24 hours: http://thaiwater.net/
  5. who is going to monitor the movements of these infected tourists bringing in a fresh batch of China Virus? what if this is your tenth trip to Thailand and you know your way around and just head to wherever you want to go? who is going to stop you? what about non Thai people living in the non approved areas, will they be persona non grata? i do not like green eggs and ham Sam i am.
  6. "I am bored working government job. What you want do for excitement?" "Change entry rules again. Watch Farang heads turn red and explode."
  7. you are going to think i am joking but i have been to Area 51 back in 1995. actually up the signs on the property line informing you that "Use of deadly force is authorized". a very interesting experience with the guards there. i had some near field radio frequency interception devices with me and was able ID their frequency but their transmission was encrypted. it was a old style analog voice inversion but i did hear it. from a radio geek point of view this is like winning a gold metal at the Olympics. the US Air Force base is so large they don't try to put a fence around the outer perimeter. no gates on the dirt roads. just huge signs saying to stop and turn back or you will be arrested. two guard trucks on the hill top watched us as we drove up and stopped.
  8. good water data here with rain fall amounts. i am using a translation extension to display English. http://thaiwater.net/
  9. more radar: https://weather.tmd.go.th/omkoi.php or course various radars like Ubon Ratchathani have been down for weeks.
  10. latest Khon Kaen and Sakon Nakhon radar showing some rain up north. https://weather.tmd.go.th/kkn.php
  11. *Power Restored* Initiating reboot sequence. wait power failure again.
  12. i though the Russians just resumed flights to Thailand.
  13. thanks for the suggestion. i will throw that overboard last.
  14. I managed to get limited low voltage back up power on line but the internal temperature is starting to rise. 86.4 degrees Fahrenheit. I was forced to order breakfast using Grab. I feel like Tony Stark waiting for the oxygen to run out. Wish me luck.
  15. funny they did not say anything about their daughters because i am pretty sure i know them and they told me i helped pay most of this off last year.
  16. this a photo of the car i had when i was 19 years old. this one is a 1970 model. Black 1971 Dodge Challenger RT/SE. I found this photo on the internet but this car even has the hood locks and hood scoops that i had added to the stock version when i replaced the hood so maybe it is my old car who knows. not very many RT combined with SE made.
  17. "Remember Honey its only for a hour and even if I fall completely out just keep screaming "Chi so good! Chi so good! Chi so good!"
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